How to Create the Perfect Bedroom Sanctuary

Your bedroom should be a welcoming retreat, one in which you turn to rejuvenate and rest at the end of a long day. If you’re looking to turn your sleeping space into a soothing sanctuary, we have just the tips for you.


1. Use storage to hide clutter

Built-in storage makes the most of the dimensions in your room, making use of every square inch of space.

For most people, clutter causes distraction, anxiety and tension, which makes it difficult to get a restful slumber. Keep your surfaces clean and clear from mess, and hide your treasured possessions away in storage spaces. Built-ins are recommended for smaller homes, where freestanding storage might take up more space than necessary. Built-in storage, on the other hand, adapts to the dimensions of the room so that it fits in your area perfectly.


2. Adopt soothing hues

A gentle colour like this pastel blue helps to soothe the soul, allowing the bedroom to be conducive for sleeping.

Rather than following colour trends, think about what hues you will find most soothing. Most people gravitate towards white, because it’s associated with purity and cleanliness. But avoid going for a harsh, stark white and opt instead for a warmer, creamier shade. For a bit of colour, light blues and greens are also known to create a calming, serene environment. If you prefer to have a cocoon-like environment for your bedroom, go for a darker colour which can feel intimate and cosy.

A dark colour palette in a bedroom is a bold statement, but it can be alluring and cosy at the same time.


3. Incorporate tactile and visual textures

Rugs and carpets are one of the most obvious ways to add textures in your bedroom.

Textures—whether tactile or visual—can add a sense of warmth to your bedroom and reduce the risk of an overly sterile space. To turn your functional sleeping space into a total sanctuary, consider tucking a plush rug underneath your bed for your feet to sink into when you wake up. Other ways to include textures can be to incorporate plants, through window furnishings, or go for a texturised feature wall like an exposed brick.

An exposed brick feature wall adds a visual texture to this industrial-styled bedroom.


4. Protect your sleeping zone

If you can’t keep your work area outside your bedroom, make sure to separate your sleeping area from your work area.

Make sure the area surrounding your bed is reserved just for sleep and rejuvenation, which is the main purpose of your bedroom. Keep your workstation outside your bedroom if possible, but if not, make sure you keep your work zone separated from your sleeping area. Seeing work documents and to-do lists is hardly conducive for sleeping!


5. Influence your bedroom’s mood with lighting

Ensure there’s a mix of task and ambient lighting in your bedroom.

Lighting plays a crucial role in changing the mood of your bedroom, so seek advice from our designers who are well-versed in the art of lighting up your space. Overhead lights are good as task lighting, which is essential for dressing up, getting ready in the mornings, or if you like reading in your room. Ambience lighting helps to set the mood ready for bedtime, and it could be a gentle glow from cove ceiling lights or under-bed lighting. Bedside lamps can also help to add to the mood of your sanctuary. A dimmer is a good choice if you want better control over your lighting.

Recessed lights are good for lighting up the entire bedroom, while bedside lamps are great for creating the perfect mood.


6. Invest in your bed

A plush bed is the ultimate comfort and luxury for a perfect bedroom sanctuary.

When it comes to creating the perfect bedroom sanctuary, there’s nothing more important than your bed so invest in a good mattress, good pillows and quality linens. Latex mattresses are good if you want air circulation, while memory foam mattresses are the better choice if you’re on the heavier side as it conforms to your body shape when you lie down so as to help reduce pressure points. For linens, opt for 100% cotton sheets for the ultimate comfort and breathability in Singapore’s tropical weather.





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