10 Beautiful Homes in Singapore That Show Why Neutral Isn’t Boring

Neutrals don’t have a very good rap. Sure, they are calming, but they are also seen as safe, unimaginative and possibly rather unexciting. But they don’t have to be! These neutral-themed homes done up by The Interior Lab show that they can be just as stunning and stylish as their more flamboyant counterparts.


1. Create elegance with marble

Marble grains add to the texture and pattern in a neutral-themed space, creating a subtle visual interest without being too provocative. We like how they are used here in the flooring and feature wall of this living room. The full-length, clear glass doors separating the balcony from the communal spaces was a stroke of genius—the gorgeous view of the ocean seems closer to the apartment than before.


2. Infuse pastels

If you feel a completely neutral home might be too blah for you, consider using pastels to add a bit of colour and accent into your space. Pastel hues are not over-the-top, but they do add interest. Here, a soft baby blue is swathed across some of the walls in this apartment, while the rest of the home is set in neutral tones such as light woods and grey.

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3. Neutrals can be warm

Neutral-themed homes aren’t sterile or cold if the right lighting is chosen. This flat comes with a cosy ambience, thanks to the warm lighting use. The predominantly dark and neutral palette also helps to keep things chic and contemporary.

Location: Chai Chee


4. Don’t forget furnishings

This neutral home is mainly covered in white paint, with a dark wood flooring to lend contrast. They serve as the perfect canvas for the bright and cheery furnishings decked out throughout the home, including a tribal print rug in the living room, pop art paintings on the walls, as well as the homeowner’s collection of records.

Location: Compassvale


5. Use wood

Wood is a wonderful neutral to play around with. Grain patterns give interest, while playing around with different tones of wood can also add depth to a neutral-themed space. There are lots of wood used in this apartment, but the space still feels three-dimensional thanks to the use of different kinds of wood. The TV feature wall for instance features a bold, dark wood which juxtaposes against the light wood flooring. The walk-in wardrobe takes on a more greyish, masculine wood tone that creates a sophisticated feel to the space.


Location: Anchorvale


6. Work it with monochrome

One of the easiest ways to do up a neutral home is to go for a monochrome palette. And this home does it perfectly. Black furnishings act as an accent against a white palette, although the flooring is covered in a woodgrain laminate to add a bit of warmth. The bedroom departs from the monochrome theme however as the designer was keen to create a warmer and cosier ambience for this private space.

Location: Choa Chu Kang


7. Scandinavian sanctuary

One of the characteristics of Scandinavian interior design is the neutral colour scheme, so if you’re thinking of adopting a neutral palette, going for a Scandi theme would be an fitting route. This home feels bright and open, thanks to the open plan scheme. Decked out in a soothing grey wood flooring, the rest of the space is whitewashed save for the grey furnishings. Pale mint was used as an accent, seen in the kitchen backsplash as well as the sheets in the bedroom.

Location: Compassvale Crescent


8. Daylight is a neutral theme’s best friend

Blessed by an abundance of natural light thanks to their floor-to-ceiling windows, the home went for a neutral colour scheme to make the most of it. Light bounces of the light-coloured walls and furniture, creating a space that appears bright and airy. Glossy surfaces, seen most notably in the flooring and the kitchen counters, beautifully reflect the daylight streaming in.

Location: Amber Gardens (The Esta)


9. Sophisticated with richer neutrals

This home feels exquisitely sophisticated because the choice of neutral colours lean towards warmer, richer and darker hues. Think sand, tan and olive hues with a golden undertone. A tea-coloured mirrored feature wall in the dining area adds to the elegance in this space.

Location: Kim Seng Road


10. Contemporary Luxe With Grey Hues

A cement screed flooring covers this apartment decked out in mid-century furniture and greenery. Plants add life to any space, but they are especially great for neutral homes as they are neutral enough on their own. Besides the greens, books also feature predominately in this home. Displayed out in the open, they provide a little personality to this cosy abode.


Modern Contemporary Condo Interior Design Queens Peak The Interior Lab6

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