10 Ways to Make Your Home Look Larger Than It Really Is

While we often wish we can physically extend the square footage of our small apartments, there are better (and most plausible) ways to make that tiny, cramped space appear a lot larger. Fool your guests – and yourself – by turning your poky home into a sprawling palace with these easy tips:

1. Go for a light and neutral colour scheme

One of the classic ways to make your home appear more expansive is to paint your interiors white, or a light, neutral hue. Unlike dark colours that create a more intimate space, light hues will open up your home visually.

2. Include mirrors

Mirrors can be magical things in small apartments as they truly help create the illusion of a much larger space. Have the mirrors face the windows to reflect more light into your room or to create the impression of having more windows. We also like them on ceilings as much as on walls, as that can really draw out the height of your home.

3. Think “wall-to-wall” or “floor-to-ceiling” when it comes to built-ins

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When constructing built-ins (kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, TV console etc, etc), consider wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling designs. Not only do they make the most of your vertical space, thus freeing up precious floor estate, they are great for emphasising the width and height of your home, making it appear bigger.

4. Let in plenty of natural light

Infusing your home with natural light is a great way to trick the eye into thinking you have a much larger area. Opt for window treatments that don’t block out the sunlight – think translucent day curtains rather than heavy draperies.

5. Don’t fill up every empty wall you get

We know you may be tempted to fill every single inch of the walls in your home with expensive art or photographs of that holiday you took in Paris, but it pays to leave some of them bare as it helps to ease up on the visual clutter. Keep wall decorating to a minimum for a visually larger home.

6. Hack away those concrete walls

If you can afford to hack down walls in your home, it’s a great way to create a more spacious apartment. Doing away with concrete dividers will mean your eye gets to see further, and this will help get you the sense of airiness and openness for your tiny home.

7. Divide using glass

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For folks who much prefer to retain the confines of your rooms, consider using glass as dividers rather than solid concrete. The transparency of glass provides a similar illusion, but also retains a semblance of privacy that you might need.

8. Make sure things are appropriately spaced out

If you can help it, move furniture away from walls and make sure there is reasonable space between your pieces of furniture. This breathing room ensures that your home doesn’t feel cramped when you move about, and visually, it leads to a less cluttered space.

9. Your mantra: de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter

Speaking of clutter, make sure your home is free from clutter. Small homes don’t take to visual chaos very well. More clutter will create the impression of a restricted space. A good way to keep clutter at bay is to invest in storage pieces – whether built-in or standalone – that can hide away your knick-knacks. And commit to regular housekeeping to tidy up your home rather than only doing it once a year.

10. Invest in leggy furniture

Furniture raised on thin legs are a good way to create a sense of lightness in a room as it frees up some floor estate. Also consider pieces that have thin, metal forms that will also take away some visual bulk, thus expanding your home a little more.

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