Let us know how we are doing by writing us a review on our services. We will seek for your honest feedback for our improvement. Thank you so much.

Wonderful Smooth-Sailing Home Renovation Journey

Working with David Low from TIL was such a wonderful experience. From my initial inquiry to the final reveal, he made the entire design project process so easy. Extremely talented and his aesthetic fit my exact style. Thank you so much for helping me create such a beautiful and spacious house! I could never have done it without you! Tseng SerenaBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Responsive And Responsible Interior Designer

After going through a few ID firms, we decided on Interior Lab based on their ability to align and visualize our dream home. Our ID Charlie is responsive and responsible in his work, going the extra mile most of the time. Due to the covid situation and constraints, he provided solutions and alternatives to ensure everything is smooth and done properly. Chan ElliotBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Strong Chemistry With Quality Service And Workmanship

We went through a slew of IDs before finally settling on Cheryl from TIL. We felt that she has the most chemistry with us among the others. The competitive pricing was also an added bonus for us. Cheryl is responsible and responsive towards our queries and concerns throughout the renovation. The multiple 3D looks provided by TIL also assisted us greatly in visualizing the best colour scheme for our house. There were hiccups along the way but we were able to negotiate amicably to a satisfactory resolution. The contractors from Cheryl were also competent and professional so we did not have to worry too much about quality. Ample time was given to us to go through the nooks and crannies in our house to ensure that everything was well done before the final handover and payment. Cheryl did not rush us for payment and made sure that we are updated on time on the renovation works around the house. We were very satisfied with the overall quality and service provided to us by Cheryl and TIL. Jon LeeBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

A Breezy Smooth-Sailing Reno Journey With Great Service

I engaged interior designer Matty Tan from The Interior Lab, she is very experienced with the suggestions provided. She is able to grasp and understand modern ergonomics for our lifestyle. Matty went the extra mile to help us on things that was not in her area but requires her expertise/advice. Renovation process was a breeze and we were updated at every stage of the renovation. Replies were very prompt, she also took the initiative to meet up several times right from design stage to handover. Now that she have handed over my property back to me, post handover service was fantastic. Highly recommended to those who wants a fuss free and breezy renovation process! Thank you Matty and keep up the good work! Alvin KhoBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Prompting Response Service & Outstanding Execution

We’ve had some ideas right from the start, but it was Filzah who brought in her expertise, refined the concept and created a home that would work best for us. With Filzah on board, we felt that our ideas were heard and understood. Even after the renovation, Filzah was prompt on addressing some of our outstanding concerns. She delivered well on the execution of our vision for the home! Corinne BiancaBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Quality Bespoke Design Workmanship & Home Renovation Service

We went through many Interior Design websites and met up with many IDs in their offices & on site at our new house. Their proposed designs were either literally from what we said without value add/ downstream impact considerations, or at the other extreme of taking down walls even though it’s a new development. Some did not come back with the proposal/ quotation after meeting up, and those who did was only rectangles and circles to visualize how the design would turn out to be as the 3D sketch could only be done upon certain amount of payment. Suki was the only one who was able to quickly put what we were looking for in a Dream Home into hand drawn sketches; only after one virtual session at night to understand our requirements. We signed up with her immediately when we met up in her office. Her professionalism and passion in her work were very apparent in that session. She understood readily what we were looking for, and could put them into hand drawn sketches on the spot. She even readily offered us different consideration viewpoints based on her experience. Throughout the renovation period, she remained to be responsive & reliable when we contacted her at anytime (augmented by a group of responsible contractors, who were able to accommodate our needs and adjustments). She was also resourceful with good project management skills & practical with user centric thinking design. We would drop by the new house during the renovation period,…

Memorable Home Renovation Journey

Our ID, Alice from TIL, had been a wondrous help especially amid the current COVID limitations. Over and above this, we also had a tight timeline for our renovations due to the need to handover by second week of August (our renovation started in mid-June). Alice assured us that the timing will be nicely met and took the initiative to secure workers who are based locally. I cannot imagine if we were to be delayed due to the dynamic renovation workers’ situation. She even kept us constantly updated of the work schedule so we can still go about our daily lives with little worry. And back to the main issue. How was the reno and overall design? She gave us many ideas to work with and helped us identify that our home should be warm and cosy as our foremost consideration. She then added features to make sure the “warm and cosy” is not limited to the looks only. My two children are bringing their grandparents around enthusiastically with pride and joy when they come by should be able to speak volume of the work done. Being always cheerful and responsive made it an even memorable experience to have worked with her. Thank you Alice. Yi Ling QuekBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Top-Notch Renovation Service And Workmanship Quality

I had the absolute joy of working with Sheireen Sim from TIL. I count myself very fortunate to have worked with such a detailed, thoughtful, and responsible ID. I chanced upon TIL and met Sheireen by random chance. I had done much comparison with other ID firms, but settled with TIL as I felt comfortable working with Sheireen. Having heard many horror stories of renovation, I was initially cautious, but very soon, we established a good working relationship and trust. Sheireen was very patient with my request and ideas. She was also very forthcoming in giving suggestions or blind spots that I didn’t anticipate. At times, I was quite amazed by her level of detail of having to understand my ideas, intent and focus areas. Her honesty and sense of responsibility & ownership as a project manager, allowed me to be more at ease with the project progression. She will tell me what can do, what can’t, or what might be delayed due to circumstances. Her professionalism is quite admirable. Overall TIL services were well organized, and of speed & quality. The tiling and carpentry were executed timely, accurate, and error free. This saves me a lot of time as well from having to do rectification work. Office meeting location is also well equipped with materials for fruitful discussions. I would strongly recommend TIL for anyone looking for a trustworthy ID firm, and a smooth and worry free renovation journey! Paul YeoBOOK A CONSULTATION…

Exceeded Expectations As First-Time Homeowners

Engaged Khir as our ID and our overall experience as a first-time home owner was beyond our expectation. Khir constantly kept us updated with works and there were minimal physical checks needed from us as we entrusted him to go beyond his services to follow up if there were any hiccups. Timeline for handover was met as well. Proactive, and indeed recommended to engage if you are looking for a responsible ID. Cheers, TiL! Fatin WahidBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Hustle-Free Organized Renovation Process

Engaged Edward Kong from The Interior Lab for house renovation. It was hustle free and well planned. Though some carpentry work get struck in Malaysia, he made alternate and make sure that all those works gets completed in my house without much follow ups . Gave professional advice on the works needed and never said No to any of my reno request. Highly recommend the services. Already two of my friends wish to engage TIL for their renovations. Priya AnanthBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Detail-Oriented And Thorough During Home Reno Journey

Alice was very detailed during the discussion on the theme and how we want our house to look like. She is very thorough with the materials selections, colour tones as well as the different types of lightings that will greater enhance the look we want to achieve. I’m grateful to Alice and the team from The Interior Lab for transforming the house into our dream home. We strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to renovate their house, Alice and The Interior Lab team, and they will not disappoint. Hakim AzizBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Eye For Great Insightful Designs And Non-Hard Sell Attitude

We had a great experience working with Eric and his team at the Interior Lab. We met with several IDs prior to choosing TIL and I think what really sold us was Eric’s professionalism and non-sales attitude. TiL was the only team that was willing to provide us a quick 3D mockup after our meeting and we really appreciated that. We were able to see our vision and Eric also provided a lot of good insights. We also felt like Eric’s design concepts aligned with what we had mind. The whole process was smooth and Eric kept us updated. If there were any additional works or charges, Eric would always ensure he checked with us before proceeding and had tried to keep to our budget as much as possible. We had a pretty tight timeline and Eric tried his best to set expectations with us. Because we had to move in quite rush, we didn’t really do a full check of the workmanship. There were some minor fixups (we also understood contractors were overbooked due to COVID) but Eric was very prompt in organising the contractors to come and rectify after. Overall, we had a great experience with TIL. Thank you Eric for helping us design our dream home! We would definitely recommend TIL to anyone who is looking for professionals with a great design eye and great customer service! Melanie WuBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Trustworthy, Thoughtful And Dedicated Interior Designer

Our first meeting with Jo-Ann from The Interior Lab to discuss renovation was a coincidence. As it turns out later on, it became a happy coincidence and a worry-free journey. Just like any couple, we had just purchased a resale unit within a mature estate and begun sending out quotation requests to several interior firms. Jo-Ann was one of the first few to touch base with us for the initial discussion. She was attentive and realistic, listening to our requests and at the same time showed her professionalism by highlighting the practical side of renovation & budget matters. After the initial meeting, she was also very responsive to our queries via whatsapp and phone calls. After the 1st round of meeting IDs, we had narrowed down our choices. Although The Interior Lab was not the cheapest quote provided, we never had any doubt and endorsed the quote after the 2nd meet up. During the 2nd meet up, Jo-Ann displayed her thoughtfulness towards the planning of the overall unit’s floor plan detailing my fiancée and my preferences while balancing the realism and functionality of using certain materials and colours. The trust was not misplaced indeed. Over the course of 2-3 months of renovation journey, coupled with the Covid situation and delays (foreign workers quarantine), the unit was even completed before intended deadline. Jo-Ann treated our unit as her own and often put herself in our shoes and recommended solutions or suggested materials/colours in realistic situations. Jo-Ann would always quality check the…

Professional, Patient And Responsive Throughout Home Reno Journey

We have engaged Sheireen Sim as our ID to renovate our 10 years old apartment (whole house except kitchen). Sheireen has been nothing but professional and responsive throughout the whole process. She was very patient in understanding our requirements, work our preferences and also give constructive suggestions on what may or may not work. Sheireen is also very responsive to any queries we have and share clearly on the renovation steps and expectations so we can plan our time and make sure we work with her to come to decisions so the renovation progressed smoothly. The workmanship and quality of renovation works are good and the actual finished products turned out very close to the designs that she had drawn for us. I strongly recommend TIL as well as Sheireen professional professional services! Ko Wen HuiBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Expectations And Deadlines Were Met Despite Pandemic Delays

The designer Suki and supervisor Edward really did a wonderful job during our house renovation. The timelines were met without any delay irrespective of the covid situation.They helped us with all our queries and was quite responsive all the times. We couldn’t find any better renovation company and felt they are literally the best with their professional approach. Thank you so much guys and it was the best decision we took to work with you both. Remya RajanBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Capable Of Resolving Home Reno Challenges During Pandemic

I am very happy to be able to cooperate with Andrew Yap, the interior designer of The Interior Lab, and contract our company’s interior design and decoration project. During the renovation period, due to the pandemic situation, there were certain difficulties and challenges in communication. In particular, there were some changes in the process, but Andrew was able to give us the best solution from the most professional perspective and in the shortest time, which is worthy of praise. In general, we are very satisfied with the services it provides. Highly recommended! Puay Ling NgBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Quality Workmanship And Home Reno Service

Firstly I would like to say a very big thank you to Joanne and Sophia for their commitment to their work. They have been very patient with us, working out the little details that we want, and in most cases able to accommodate and in situations where it’s not possible, they will be able to advice esthetically or technical why it’s not advisable. From the very beginning we contacted and spoke to at lease 6 id/contractor.. they are not the cheapest I must say, but they gave us the most confident that they know what they are doing, and they have the patience to work with us.. and they have always kept to their timeline they gave us, and in fact they have delivered what they promised, much earlier, the only delay was the kitchen sink , due to empty promise by the company I bought from and nothing to do with Interior Lab. The workmanship of every area has been better than we expected.. most of it doesn’t need touch up.. and in cases where minor corrections needed, they will come back to do it right without hesitation. In all, my wife and I is totally happy with what Interior Lab has done. And I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. I have gone through enough renovation and contractor to know what a nightmare it can be, not just because you will be spending a lot of money on it, but that you have to live with…

Top-Notch Service And Quality With Competitive Pricing

The Interior Lab Pte Ltd (TIL) was our selected vendor to refurbish our office space located at 160 Robinson Road, SBF Center. They were highly competitive in terms of pricing and they never compromise on service and quality. All renovation works were carried out according to the given schedule and it was an easy sail for us to have Mr. Andrew to be assigned on this project. Andrew adhered to our requirements and constantly kept us updated on the progress of the on-going works. He showed professionalism and made sure that everything went on as planned. Without any reservation, I would strong recommend The Interior Lab for both commercial and residential refurbishment projects. Well done, TIL! Vijayan SuppiahBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Meticulous And Conscientious Interior Designer Who Provided Practical Ideas

Angie is a meticulous and conscientious designer. While following through with our ideas, she would also give us feedback on practical tips and ensured we were on the same page throughout the renovation. As first time home owners, we were quite clueless and were not sure what to expect. However, We were so glad to have engaged Angie as our ID and we could trust her throughout the whole process. She is prompt in answering our queries and would be available when we needed her help. Thank you Angie! Vanessa YeoBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

A Effortless And Enjoyable Renovation Journey During Pandemic

Worked with The Interior Lab on the renovation for my new house, it has been an effortless and enjoyable journey. Yen Ng, our designer planned the whole project out very well and provided good suggestions to enhance my home design concept. They have completed my house renovation ahead of the deadline even in midst of the pandemic in which many are facing workers shortage. The project was done with minimum defects. Strongly recommended design company to work with for your home renovation! Kris TanBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Pleasant Fuss-Free Renovation Journey With A Professional Designer

Just completed our resale renovation and it had been such a seamless, fuss-free and pleasant journey! Even though TIL’s quotation was not necessarily the cheapest after shopping around, we were extremely glad that we chose Peilin (without hesitation the moment we saw her final quotation by the way) to be the ID for our dream home. She’s meticulous, professional, and extremely on the ball. She’s always replying even at unearthly hours, and is always willing to advise even to our silliest questions. Given our tight budget, she is also able to give constructive feedback and match our budget to ideal designs. We will definitely look for her again if there’s any renovation/refurbishing needs. Really blessed to have her as our ID. (: E. LimBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Professional Project Management And Quality Workmanship

Sophia is very professional in project management our new (5 RM) house renovation. I had engaged her in Feb 2021 with the requirement to move in on 17 May 2021. She delivered the home on time with quality work from floor plan design to the supervision of contractor workers on site. She explained patiently to all our requests and propose a solution to our difficulties such as electrical re-wiring and design of our wet and dry kitchen. I would recommend her service if you are looking for good quality designer. Shawn TehBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Efficient Problem Solver With Brilliant Creative Ideas

We engaged Mabel as our ID. Mabel is a very responsible and capable designer. She was able to solve problems and come up with brilliant solutions when some unforeseen circumstances occurred during the renovation of our resale flat. She is very patient and definitely an efficient problem solver. Very happy to work with her, without her I don’t think our dream home can be what it is now. Most importantly, she has a good sense of design and the house really turned out more than what we have expected. Thank you for giving us your 200% best effort and coming down almost everyday to check on the site progress to make sure everything is going on smoothly. SJ TanBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Impeccable Post-Renovation Service And Design Chemistry

When coming to choose an interior designer, it is never easy. We’ve spent time looking at online portfolios and did our research. Finally, The Interior Lab caught our attention and we went ahead to make an appointment. It was a fruitful consultation meeting up with Matty. She listened and learned about our lifestyle. From there, she created a vision and shared ideas on design and efficiency in space making. She is also someone who has a flair for colour. The discussion and chemistry went pretty well and we decided to engage Matty. When the renovation started, Matty has been very prompt and responsive in updates. We had a wonderful renovation journey and the results are worth it. Not to mention, the post renovation service is impeccable. Deon L.BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Organized, Detail-Oriented And Trustworthy Interior Designer

I selected TIL because after running through a few IDs, Jojo is the most responsive ID and she “gets it” very quickly. She understands that our needs are more functional and will always make suggestions aligned to this direction. She’s organized, detailed and meticulous. We chose her support because of our long working hours and we wanted to leave the whole project in the hands of someone we can trust. When the renovation started, we didn’t even have to visit the site for most of the first half because Jo will update us on a regular basis. And any hiccups we experienced (through no fault of Jo’s), she will always resolve them promptly. Kudos to you Jo, for giving us peace of mind throughout this whole journey and ensuring that we meet the schedule despite this very challenging covid times 😊 Jean ZhaoBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Smooth-Sailing Reno Journey, Quality Workmanship Under Budget

We engaged with Eric. During the consultation, Eric laid out the possible renovation ideas that do not cause a bank in the buck for us (as we were tight on a budget). His sincerity and professionalism during the consultation was one of the main reasons we engaged with him. During the renovation, Eric was super helpful in assisting us for the coordination with his team from carpentry, plumbing to even air-con installation. Engaging him and The Interior Lab team was really a bliss as there were consistent updates in a timely manner. Eric’s creativity and ability to think quick on his feet has helped us solve various construction issues in our property without costing a lot. The renovation outcome was super satisfying and I’ll have some photos to prove 😛 My husband and I heard many horror stories on home renovations, but our journey was super super delightful! Thank you Eric and his team for the amazing job done! Florence LoiBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Satisfactory Speed and Quality of work especially in the midst of a pandemic

David Low, our interior designer, has been very patient and helpful during the renovation journey. He is a very practical person where he will think not only aesthetically but whether the design will last and easy to maintain in the long run. In the early stage, David set meeting with us almost every week to make sure that he understands what we want and also give suggestions on what is practical and what is not. We were also faced with a delay on the property completion but nevertheless, David is still managed to deliver the project as soon as he could which is extremely challenging in this covid situation. During the renovation, he also continuously gave us update on the progress (text and photos) via WhatsApp. That was very helpful so that we don’t need to go down to the site as often. Last but not least, the MCST for our condominium was also not easy to work with. David was very helpful in mediating when issues occurred. Considering the delay we had, the pandemic situation, and the size of the project, we were very happy with the speed of the work and the result. We highly recommend The Interior lab to anyone who is doing a renovation. The price might be a bit higher than others, but the quality of work and professionalism are justified. We will definitely engage TIL again for our next renovation. Eduard ChaiBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Fast-Pace & Informative Renovation Experience

I’ve engaged with my interior designer, Edward Kong, for a simple renovation of my bedroom. The overall end product was up to my standards. The process was much faster than I’ve anticipated. I give my thanks to the first and probably the only ID I will ever engage with, for the amazing job and comfortable and functional space for me to sleep in. I strongly recommend engaging him for a fast-paced and very informative experience. A reliable and approachable individual indeed. Thanks, Edward and TIL! Fakhrusy RamadanBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Proactive Interior Designer who takes pride in her work

We are very satisfied with the results of our home renovation – we think that our house looks great aesthetically and is also very functional/practical (e.g. easy to clean and maintain). We love our new home so much that we feel that every day is like a holiday to us (this especially pertinent during the COVID-19 situation where many of us have been experiencing varying degrees of cabin fever). Our experience with Angie, our interior designer, was fantastic and we cannot recommend her enough. We met with 6 interior designers/contractors and decided to go with Angie after a year of deliberation as she stood out to us as someone who is very sincere, experienced, detail-oriented, and passionate about what she does. Furthermore, we found that the quote by TIL was reasonable, even in the absence of COVID-19 (we received TIL’s quote sometime in Sep 2019 and only signed the contract with TIL sometime in Aug 2020, against the backdrop of many news outlets reporting that ID/contractors had increased prices to as much as 20% due to the COVID-19 situation – TIL did not). Angie has a wealth of experience and was able to provide practical advice on all design and renovation matters, enabling us to make the best decisions possible. In almost every topic/question we brought up, she always had valuable insights from her previous jobs and clients to share. Angie is frank and is never afraid to voice out her opinions. During our discussions with her, she always states…

Trusted Advisor throughout the Renovation

Used Interior Lab for renovation for my mother’s HDB flat. We truly valued interior designer – Andrew Yap’s expertise and experience. He was a trusted advisor for our end to end, from concept design to production and even to the smallest requirements, Andrew delivered. Additionally, we were working ok a tight timeline as we needed the renovation done quite quickly. Thanks to Andrews’s good project management, we managed to get the renovation done on time.   Jo TanBOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

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