21 February 2022 TIPS & GUIDES
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“An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you’re the author.” – Charlotte Moss

Everyone has a crystal clear picture of what their dream home looks like in their mind – from its layout and location, down to even the most minute of details like the scent that fills the bathroom. But when it comes to bringing your vision to life, the job isn’t finished once you’ve bought and renovated your house. In fact, you’re only just getting started. Now that you’ve laid a solid foundation, it’s time to make it authentically and uniquely yours.

Home decor makes a bigger impact on our daily lives than most of us might think, especially in a time where studying and working from home have become the new indefinite normal. It has the indisputable power to awaken our five senses, as well as influence our emotions and thoughts. According to Lindsay T. Graham, PhD, a research specialist at the Centre for the Built Environment at University of California, Berkeley – our homes can be incredibly important tools for shaping our daily experiences. More than that, she suggests: “How they’re organised, decorated and furnished can be curated to evoke a varied palette of feelings and serve as a form of emotional regulation.”

If you’ve been on the hunt for a boost of home decor inspiration, consider this a sign. Read on for our best tips and tricks to help you master the art of decorating!


If you’re racking your brain thinking of where to even begin, deciding on a colour palette is a fantastic start. Not only does it completely set the tone for everything that follows, but it pretty much guarantees coherence throughout your home. When you have multiple areas that all serve different functions, it’s easy for them to turn incongruous very quickly.

If you have a set colour scheme to serve as a guide, you’ll always have something to turn to in times of doubt. From ceramics to textiles, and even sun-dried blooms, as long as you stay true to your predetermined palette, you’re golden.

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Featured Project: 404 Serangoon | The Interior Lab


Akin to the way we dress ourselves each morning, layering is the absolute key to a well-balanced look. It’s honestly a simple concept, just remember: contrasting textures = a match made in heaven. Think cosy plush throws draped over organic wooden benches, or a soft rug anchored under all your hard and heavy living room furniture.

The result is a delightful textural myriad that transforms your space from flat to a multi-dimensional masterpiece with minimal effort.

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Credit: Nathan Oakley & Chloe Frost-Smith via Unsplash


Whether you’re styling a coffee table or a bookshelf, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have a diverse range of varying heights. A surprisingly easy yet useful rule of thumb is to group your pieces together to create several triangular shapes; like a tall vase standing next to a short ornament, or books displayed in ascending order of height (both horizontally and vertically).

The aim of these visual triangles is to create proportionate groupings that are undeniably pleasing to the eye, all while keeping everything balanced and organised. You’ll also find that this concept makes decorating a piece of cake, for beginners and experts alike.

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Credit: Castlery | Nathan Oakley via Unsplash


Ever taken a cold hard look at your space and just felt like it was just missing something? Perhaps a touch of colour. Maybe some words of inspiration to get you through the day. Possibly a few memories of your loved ones to remind you of your favourite memories. Well, you’re in luck, because wall art may just be the answer.

There are a number ways we usually like to approach a gallery wall:

  • Asymmetry VS. Symmetry
    Take your pick – either standardise the size of your pieces and space them out evenly, or lean into the irregularity of it all by mixing and matching. Either way, you’ll end up with a wall that greets you with joy and personality.
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(Credit: Jason Briscoe & SpaceJoy via Unsplash)
  • Variety Is Key
    Abstract shapes, meaningful photographs, motivational quotes, movie posters, random doodles – there’s no better time to let your creativity run wild.
  • Don’t Just Hang Them Up
    A particularly useful tip if you happen to be indecisive, or just have too many ideas to bring to fruition all at once. Install a few handy wall shelves or make use of your flat surfaces (benches, countertops, dressers, floors, tabletops, etc.) to display your pieces. This way, you’re free to move them around as often as you like, without having to deal with the dreaded fuss of rehanging them each time.
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(Credit: Bryony Elena & Beazy via Unsplash)


Yes, even your light fixtures can serve as excellent forms of home decor. As a matter of fact, lighting is a core element of any space because it holds the key to unlock the atmosphere you wish to achieve. Through illuminating the colours and textures of the components around you, it basically functions as the finishing touch that ties everything together to create a harmonious design story.

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Featured Project: 394 Tampines | The Interior Lab

Trust us when we say this is not something you want to rush or skimp on, so really take your time with it. The good news is there’s an abundance of options in the market now, so the possibilities are endless. Looking for a something that’s sleek yet makes a statement? Try Nordic-inspired wall sconces. Seeking a whisper of whimsy? Sculptural LED pendants and eccentric chandeliers sound right up your alley.

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Featured Project: Ascentia Sky | The Interior Lab


We firmly believe that the home decor journey never truly ends – there’s always going to be fresh techniques we want to try and new pieces we want to add to our collection. But we like to think of that as the very beauty of decorating; for how dull would it be if our original ideas were set in stone, never to be challenged and changed?

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One way we like to feed our passion is to spruce up our space for the occasions we celebrate and the seasons we adore (that we don’t have the pleasure of experiencing in Singapore). It’s a thoroughly enjoyable way of indulging our incessant desire for fresh home decor, and pretending the four seasons exist in our tropical city. When your favourite holidays roll around, we challenge you to embrace the festivities and deck your halls accordingly.

After all, who says living in Singapore means we can’t decorate for the Fall?

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Credit: Genevieve Rusnac via Unsplash

Above all, the most important piece of advice we hope you’ll walk away with today is to surround yourself only with what brings you pure and irrepressible joy. Like interior designer Nate Berkus declares, “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.”


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