Year In Review: Interior Design Trends Of 2021

30 December 2021 TIPS & GUIDES
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Are you keeping up with interior design trends or setting your own? 

Trends come and go, be it in fashion, design or lifestyle. Interior design is not spared, and we have seen the rise and fade-out of design trends over the years. Some last for a fleeting moment, others remain in trend for decades.

You may have seen certain interior styles trending across various social media platforms internationally this year. Singapore, being a cosmopolitan city, is largely influenced by global trends. Here, we take a look at 4 interior design trends of 2021 that have gained popularity in Singapore.


Sage green kitchens have been all the trend across Pinterest, but blue is the colour that has kept its popularity for its versatility and sophistication. Kitchen accessories such as cabinet handles and lighting often come in a selection of black, silver and gold. Aside from neutrals, navy blue is the rare colour that can match any of these, bringing your home a pop of colour and personality.

The Interior Lab
Featured Project: Guilin Breeze | Modern Contemporary Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab

While navy blue is a classic, selecting a different shade of blue may be more fitting of your interior design theme. A nautical blue that is a few shades lighter than navy was chosen for this contemporary kitchen, giving the space a bright, airy feel while blending seamlessly with the wood and rattan furnishing.

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Featured Project: Axis @ Siglap | Modern Contemporary Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab


Green spaces mimic nature and are often associated with tranquility and stress reduction. Biophilia has thus become an interior design trend that is embraced for bringing the outdoors into the home. This is often achieved with the addition of house plants, but not every home has sufficient space for that. While a literal green wall of plants is a viable option, painting a wall green is a practical alternative that some homeowners have adopted.

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Featured Project: Serangoon Green | Modern Eclectic Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab

Similar to blue, various shades of green can be experimented with to match the interior design theme of your home. From a calming sage green in the bedroom to a luxurious, deep forest green in the dining room, a green feature wall can elevate the look of your home and inject a vibrant splash of colour to your home.

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Featured Project: Somewhere Out There | Modern Contemporary Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab


Along with the popularity of the farmhouse interior design style comes the incorporation of arches into home interiors. Starting with arched doorways and windows, this interior design trend has extended to other furnishing in the home. Rattan details on the built-in cabinetry in this Bohemian-farmhouse themed home bear resemblance to the archway to the bedroom, enhancing the cohesiveness of the interior style in the home.

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Featured Project: Grand Duchess | Bohemian Farmhouse Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab

The interior design trend of organic shapes can also be seen in the choice of furniture. Round coffee tables, curved edge sofas and ottomans are common additions to the communal area, evoking a relaxed, inviting feel in the space. Some have also taken to placing décor items with curved lines and soft edges around the home.

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Featured Projects: 312 Tampines Street 33 | Modern Contemporary-Victorian Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab


As work-from-home becomes the new norm through the pandemic, many have realised that while open plan layout makes the home a lot more spacious, it does not always work when various activities are being carried out at the same time. Broken plan stands midway between open plan and completely separated rooms. This interior design trend has become a popular alternative for many.

The use of Crittall Windows pocket doors or bi-fold doors to create a semi-private home office space is one example. It allows for a conducive workspace while maintaining the brightness and spaciousness in the home.

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Featured Project: Skyparc @ Dawson | Modern Contemporary Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab

Another common method that has, in fact, been used for years is zoning communal areas with furniture. While the home office is separated by glass panels, the living room and dining area are distinctly segregated through the arrangement of furniture, facilitating separate activity zones in the home.

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Featured Project: Le Merritt | Contemporary Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab

These are but a few of the many interior design trends that have seen popularity in Singapore this year, and there is no certainty as to whether they will continue to maintain status quo in the new year. That said, even as trends rise and fall, what matters most is that your home represents you. Regardless of trends, your home interior should ultimately be one that you love, one that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Flaunt your style in your home interior and perhaps you could be the next trendsetter in the year to come!


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