4 Ways To Refresh Your Home For The New Year

15 December 2021 TIPS & GUIDES
The Interior Lab

“As we evolve, our homes should too.” – Suzanne Tucker

The new year is right around the corner and as we step into it feeling refreshed, with aspirations and goals–let’s not forget about our home in the process. As time flies by, our likes and dislikes develop and our lifestyles shift. It’s natural for us to want to see (and feel) a change in our environment, especially after the gruelling year we’ve had.

Like the world famous designer and poet, William Morris once said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

There’s no better time to make your home feel brand new again. Spoiler alert: there are countless ways to do so. Keep scrolling for four of our favourites!


Let’s start off easy–working with what you’ve got. It can be as simple as switching the position of your bed or moving your study table out of your bedroom to open up the space. Think about your lifestyle and the kind of environment that would cater to it effortlessly.

If you enjoy hosting get-togethers with your family and friends, arrange chairs and sofas in a semi-circle to facilitate face-to-face conversations. If you’re looking to get back into your habit of reading, create your own reading nook by adding some bean bags to your favourite spot in the house or bringing a comfy lounge chair into your bedroom.

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Featured Project: Veranda | Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab

Fun fact: did you know that rearranging your furniture can have a positive psychological effect on you? Experts say that it has the potential to lift your mood, provide concrete satisfaction, and instil a sense of effectiveness.

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Featured Project: Moh Guan Terrace | Modern Oriental Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab


For many, what’s on their shelves and walls gives a personal look into their life (and shows off their personality!). We recommend curating a collection of meaningful art and memorabilia that brings you joy. We also suggest changing it up once in a while to keep it interesting–we know staring at the same pieces every day can get boring.

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Featured Project: Slowing Time Within Spaces | Modern Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab

First things first, switch out your current pieces for new ones that currently inspire you. Then it’s all about getting creative with formats and shapes. Not everything has to be framed, or rectangular. Add something that stands out–like a big circular clock–why not? Mixing and matching is actually the secret to bringing your individual charm into it.

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Featured Project: Maplewoods | Contemporary Minimalist Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab


A tried and trusted way to completely change the vibe of a space. Looking to add vibrancy without being too loud? Perhaps an olive green. Making a statement? Give magenta or mustard a go. Want to keep things clean and minimal? An egg shell would be perfect.

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Featured Project: Serangoon Green | Modern Eclectic Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab

You don’t even have to stop at just solid colours. Different painting techniques and even wallpapers would do the trick–the beauty of an accent wall is that the possibilities are simply endless.

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Featured Project: EastDelta @ Canberra | Eclectic Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab


Don’t underestimate the power of minute details like your hardware. Cabinet handles, doorknobs, racks, even your bidet sprays and shower heads matter. Our advice? Have fun with it! Of course you can keep them cohesive throughout your home, but mixing and matching works like a charm.

A general rule of thumb, though: if your space leans warm–go for black, bronze, or gold. If your space leans cool–black, pewter, silver, and stainless steel work best.

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Featured Project: Le Merrit | Modern Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab

On top of colour, take the finish and shape of your hardware into consideration too. For example, matte hardware picks up oil stains easily, so it may not be ideal for the kitchen. Now take a look around–what kind of lines are most prominent in the design of your home? Are they curved or square? The hardware you choose should be consistent with that.

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Featured Project: Jurong West St. 64 | Eclectic Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab

Did any of our recommendations catch your eye? Let us know which was your favourite! We’ve always believed your home is worth investing your effort and time in, and we hope we’ve inspired you to breathe new life into your space before 2022 rolls around.


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