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31 March 2022 TIPS & GUIDES
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“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.” – Alberto Giacometti

With the growth of digital platforms and content, it had opened up more possibilities and opportunities for us to discover. During the start of COVID, a lot of us are forced to stay indoors. Hence, digital platforms became our source of comfort, companionship and exploration. Tiktok is one of the digital platforms that rose rapidly during the pandemic period. 

In March 2021, auction house Christie’s sold an NFT digital art, “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days”, by Digital Artist Mike Winkelmann, a.k.a Beeple, for USD 69.3 million to Singapore-based programmer Vignesh Sundaresan. This art piece is a collection of Beeple’s digital art that he created everyday for 5000 days straight. At that point of time, it has the highest record sale in the NFT Market, which also triggered the rise in NFTs.

So what exactly is NFT and how can it be added to our future home? Read on to find out more.

*Disclaimer: This article doesn’t educate you on how to buy NFT or any financial advice. Please always do your due diligence in researching before purchasing.

The Interior Lab
Credit: OpenSea, Meta Angels, SuperRare, Decentraland

What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. “Non-Fungible” means that the token is unique and can’t be replicated or exchanged. NFTs can take the form of digital art, collectibles, virtual experiences/property, music, digital plants, etc.

When someone buys an NFT, they aren’t purchasing the digital asset, however, they are buying the digital authentication note stating their ownership rights. Anyone on the internet can download a copy of the file or screenshot the NFT, however, the sole ownership belongs to the buyer. It’s like going to the museum and taking a photo of “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, but you don’t own this painting, nor have the right to sell it.

Ways to display your NFT

1. Samsung The Frame TV (2022)

Samsung’s new edition of The Frame TV comes with a Matte display, that has anti-glare, anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint properties. The matte finish also gives the TV a canvas like look. It’s a Smart TV, but when you are not streaming, you can use it to display your artwork, paintings, photographs, etc. It’s available sizes vary from 43” to 75”.

Samsung has also announced that in 2022, they will be releasing Smart TVs that are able to navigate, purchase and display NFTs. The Smart TVs will also come with Gaming Hub, Watch Together and Smart Calibration features. If you are able to wait, this lineup might be something worth looking out for. 

The Interior Lab
Credit: Samsung

2. Infinite Objects

Infiinite Objects does “video printing” that allows you to feature your video in the frame, which is able to loop for 24 hours, no applications or software needed. They are also able to print NFTs, allowing you to showcase your collection in the physical world.

The Interior Lab
Credit: Infinite Objects

3. Linking physical assets to NFTs through NFC

Currently, there are a few companies, like SmartSeal and Zertifier, that have released solutions to help connect your physical asset to an NFT through encrypted NFCs. It’s similar to how you pay using paywave, just by putting your phone near the NFC, it will trigger the item to show or play what was previously set. This helps NFT buyers bring their NFTs to life, allowing them to admire or experience the product’s story, message or aesthetics. 

You can also DIY on your own through NFC stickers. Here’s an example of how Tiktoker Alex Bauer crafted his own Interactive Vinyl wall through NFC stickers and projection:

Credit: @alexjbauer

The Interior Lab
Credit: Looking Glass Factory

4. Looking Glass Portrait

If you like holograms or 3D displays, Looking Glass Portrait allows you to connect it to your devices or import into the Portrait frame to showcase your art pieces. Looking Glass Portrait can also be used as a holographic 2nd monitor, allowing you to project from your desktop to the Portrait frame. You can take advantage of this tech to display your NFTs, one example is this work by artist Reggie Watts:  https://zora.co/collections/zora/1938


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