3 CNY Home Decor Tips for Stylish Homeowners

Chinese New Year (CNY) decorated interior does not have to always look gaudy! Surprise your relatives with an elegant and stylish CNY-decorated interior! Here are 3 handy tips you should read up before your last minute shopping spree for CNY decor!


 1. Go Gold !

Even though red is a common colour used during CNY as it symbolises good luck, joy, and happiness. Gold is commonly associated with wealth, grandeur, and prosperity. A touch of gold can definitely add finesse and elegance to your home while creating a festive ambiance.

CNY Decor for a stylish home interior
The matte gold sticker complements the black tinted glass creating a subtle grandeur entrance.


  • Just like monochromatic colours, gold goes well with most of the colours in the colour palette!

 2. Go easy, Go subtle on Red.

With the streets littered with red CNY decoration, it is tempting to conveniently get all your CNY Decor in red. However, is it too much? No doubt that red is an auspicious colour, over-emphasis of red home interiors might be overwhelming for you and your guests. Our advice is to get only the essential CNY decor in red (paper cuttings, lanterns, door couplets and “fu” characters)! If you would like to further add in more red elements, choose functional pieces that you might need (kitchenware, furnishing etc) in shades of red that creates a cohesive theme with the interior design of your home!


Interior Design Inspiration
                                                         credits: www.lamaisongourmet.ne

Tips: Getting appliances and furnishing that can complement your interiors (instead of the occasion) is a practical way of home decor. Your wallet will thank you later too! Adding a pop of red permanently makes your home lively and red is also a relevant colour for Christmas too! 

3. Light Touch of  CNY related Decor

Besides infusing gold and red into your home interior, spruce up your home with floral that represents prosperity. Don’t really have green fingers? Why not go for something unique that scream ”CNY” such as a love letter bolster, a pineapple tart cushion or even a ‘Huat ah’ cushion cover to add a touch of personality to your CNY Home Interior.


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