Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

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Wallpapers are a great solution to transform a space in a simple yet effective way. Choosing the right wallpaper for your interiors can sometimes feel daunting – colours, styles, patterns and textures are all factors to consider. No matter your style or the size of your home, there are a variety of wallpaper ideas to fit each individual’s taste.

Don’t be afraid to play around with colours, dynamic patterns and textures to reflect your personal style. Keep scrolling to get some wallpaper inspiration, from nature-inspired theme fit for stunning living spaces to safari-theme perfect for elevating a children’s bedroom.

Choose A Design With A Unique, Artistic Scene

This eye-catching wallpaper design sits above the bedhead and works just like an extensive piece of wall art in the master bedroom. It enriches the space with contrasting colours and imagery, creating a point of visual interest.

To elevate this artistic connection even further, the imagery also showcases iconic landmarks in the local scene that is portrayed in a tasteful and unique design. This is one of the many ways to express your love for culture and heritage in your home interior, while bringing across your personal interior style.

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Featured Project: Aspen Heights | Mid-Century Modern Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Add A Tactile Touch With Textured Wallpaper

If you are looking for something to add dimension and depth to a space, opt for a textured wallpaper. The monochrome, textured wallpaper in this Modern Luxury bedroom interior was chosen as a means to break the monotony of the overall cool-toned appearance. In most homes, an accent wall is commonly seen on the wall of the TV area or above the bedhead to add a balanced contrast to plain walls.

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Featured Project: The Topiary | Modern Luxury Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Gone are the days when wallpaper was a one-dimensional piece of paper on the wall. Textured wallpaper is pretty much versatile and timeless when it comes to a range of interior styles. This soothing shade of greyish-black texture against the white walls complements the artistic decor and emerald green sheets.

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Featured Project: Ascentia Sky | Modern Classic Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Create A Cozy And Whimsical Experience With Animal-Themed Design

When it comes to nursery décor, nothing could be more classic and well-loved than an animal-themed nursery. This swoon-worthy safari-themed nursery sets the scene for story-time and child-like wonder. The neutral wood tones of the flooring and furnishings balances out the dramatic backdrop, allowing the wallpaper to truly stand out.

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Featured Project: 121A Kim Tian Place | Modern Contemporary Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Style With Abstract Shapes

Using abstract wallpaper design can complement with any décor style and make it feel more spacious or lighthearted. It is perfect for small spaces since it’s large enough to fill the entire wall, but it can also be used as a decorative accent in larger rooms or in communal zones. A bright, vibrant coloured wallpaper can be used to inject some fun and liveliness into a child’s bedroom. On the other hand, a straight-lined, abstract geometry in muted shades zones the dining area from the living room without disrupting the modern luxury themed interior.

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Featured Project: The Palette @ Pasir Ris Grove | Modern Luxury Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Surround Yourself With Botanicals

For a relaxing wallpaper scheme, turn to images of escapism like this minimalist tropical wallpaper design that evokes the memory of a calming retreat. Complete the look by choosing soft and hard furnishings in neutral earthy tones for a fully immersive experience.

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Featured Project: Mangis Road | Warm Minimalist Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Wallpapers in neutral hues are often preferred by homeowners as they allow you to add pattern to the room without disrupting the colour scheme of the space. If you feel a touch more adventurous, you can consider picking a bolder, tropical print design. This monochromatic tropical accent wall seamlessly blends with the minimal nature of the home, creating a stunning visual statement in the heart of the home.

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Featured Project: 37A Pine Lane | Bohemian Scandinavian Interior Design | The Interior Lab

When it comes to choosing wallpaper for your space, it’s always worth exploring classic designs as well as the latest trends so you can make the perfect decision for your space that is reflective of your style.


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