Making Use of Structural Beams in Your Home

15 December 2023 TIPS & GUIDES
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When designing your home, you will definitely first look at your floor plan to see how to plan out your space. However, several people will face this situation of having “Unhackable Structural Beams” in their homes. Structural beams are the backbone of a building, carrying the weight of floors and roofs to ensure the structural integrity of the space. For this reason, they cannot be hacked or removed.

Although it may seem daunting to have unhackable structural beams in your home, there are ways to embrace this feature and use it to spruce up your abode. You might be surprised how some people have embraced this feature and you might change your mind about it too. Read on to see how structural beams can transform the overall appeal of your living space.

Raw Beauty

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Credit: Studio Okami

Modern design trends have evolved to embrace the raw beauty of these load-bearing elements, turning them into focal points that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a space.

Lately, we have seen an increase in homes opting to expose the structural beams, showcasing their natural textures and materials. The rawness adds an unrefined charm to the space and also ties in well with the Wabi-Sabi theme, which has gained traction among homeowners in Singapore recently.

Statement Ceiling

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Credit: Bloco Arquitetos

Structural beams can be used to create visually striking statement ceilings too. Whether it’s an industrial concrete ceiling, a cathedral-style wooden beam ceiling, or sleek steel beams accentuating a modern design, the possibilities are limitless. For those enamoured with the industrial aesthetic, structural concrete or steel beams are the perfect choice. Their clean lines and minimalist appeal add a touch of urban sophistication to the space.

Open Concept Living

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Credit: Hagan Hinshaw

If you like open concept living, structural beams play a crucial role in creating these type of spaces. By providing the necessary support, these beams allow for the removal of walls, creating a sense of spaciousness and fluidity in the layout.

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Featured Project: 708 Pasir Ris | The Interior Lab

Other than that, it also helps to demarcate the different zones in an apartment, allowing for subtle spacial segregation in an open-concept design.

Unique Entry/ Demarcation

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Credit: Claude Cartier

Other than a structural support, structural beams also play a pivotal role in dividing and defining different living areas within a home. Instead of conventional partitions, consider partial walls or creative dividers that maintain an open feel while providing a sense of separation. 

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Credit: Studio Okami

Consider using glass or translucent materials in replacement of concrete walls, to maintain a visual connection between spaces. This also helps if certain areas of your home do not have access to natural light, as it allows for light flow across the home.

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Credit: Divisare

Creating a unique entrance along a structural beam gives an accentuated look to your entry door. Not only does it look unconventional, you will hardly notice the presence of the structural beam and might think that it’s part of the look.

Blending in

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Featured Project: 37A Pine Lane | The Interior Lab

Understandably not everyone is fond of raw, unrefined surfaces. Therefore, there are ways to blend the structural beams with the neighbouring elements or even conceal them. If the beams don’t match your desired colour scheme, consider painting or whitewashing them.

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Featured Project: 404 Serangoon | The Interior Lab

A coat of paint can turn structural beams into a focal point or seamlessly blend them into the background, depending on your design goals. You can also add additional beams alongside the structural beam to create a ceiling beam design. Often times, ceiling is an area that’s kept simple and neglected.

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Credit: Hauvette & Madani

The ceiling can actually be used to add depth to your space and be transformed into a highlight of your home when you have limited floor space. Having a ceiling beam design is a simple yet effective way of creating a focal point in your home interior.

One with Nature

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Credit: Home Stories A to Z

Wooden beams bring a sense of natural warmth to a room by connecting the interior with the outdoors. Installing Faux Wooden Beams is an alternative method for you to conceal your structural beams, making it look more inviting. Their versatility allows for both traditional and contemporary design applications.

As you embark on your design journey, consider the untapped potential of interior structural beams to elevate the visual appeal of your living spaces. Embrace the beauty in support and let these structural elements become the foundation of a home that seamlessly blends strength and style.


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