How To Dazzle With Your Own Stylish Home Bar Counter


Sit back and relax with a drink on hand, right at home. 

Visiting a bar is not just about the drinks and company, but also about the overall atmosphere and experience. The ongoing pandemic has disrupted much of this and brought about uncertainties in nightlife entertainment. For some cocktail connoisseurs and those with a love for bartending, they have chosen to bring the experience into the home with a customised bar counter to suit their needs.  

A home bar provides a space for you to wind down after a long day at work. It also doubles as a space to entertain guests and hold celebrations at home. Here are 4 ways to integrate a bar counter seamlessly into your home, no matter the size.  

Integrate Your Home Bar Into Your Kitchen 

As homes get smaller, many of us grapple with the difficult decision of what we want or need in our homes when undergoing renovations. With work-from-home being the default in the past two years, more space in the home has to be dedicated to creating an environment that could facilitate both work and rest. Leisure spaces, such as a home bar, may then take a backseat, as there just is not enough space in the home for it.  

But a bar counter does not necessarily require a separate dedicated space in the home. For those who adopt an open kitchen concept, the home bar can easily be integrated into the kitchen space.  

Featured Project: Omar Khayyam | Modern Luxury Interior Design | The Interior Lab

This peninsula kitchen counter doubles as a mini home bar and a cozy dining nook when not in use as extra counter space when cooking in the kitchen. With the hanging rack overhead storing the drinks and glasses, along with the under-counter lights and fancy bar stools, this multipurpose space can easily transform into an intimate home bar.  

peninsular home bar
Featured Project: Omar Khayyam | Modern Luxury Interior Design | The Interior Lab


Build A Standalone Bar Counter And Dining Island 

The open concept kitchen is, of course, not for everyone, and there may be layout constraints in some homes that prevents the integration of the home bar into the kitchen. Since a dining area is an essential part of most, if not all, homes, combining your home bar and dining into a standalone island can be considered.  

home bar and dining island
Featured Project: Serangoon Green | Modern Eclectic Interior Design | The Interior Lab

The homeowners of this home chose to have the bar island in the heart of their home, drawing attention to the space upon entry. Blending into the home in its simplicity and carrying a rich forest green that matches the cabinetry in the kitchen, this home bar cum dining island unostentatiously glitzes up the home interior. 

Featured Project: Serangoon Green | Modern Eclectic Interior Design | The Interior Lab


Add Unique Design Features To Your Bar Counter

In a home that prioritises functionality, the interior design tends to lean towards clean lines and simple furnishing. More often than not, many would assume that individuality and the design aspect of the home interior would have to be compromised, leaving them with a cookie-cutter interior that speak little of their own personalities.  

Home bars can either be tucked away inconspicuously in the home, or stand as a centrepiece to make a statement. Either way, it gives homeowners a chance to experiment with something bold, quirky or unique. 

curved home bar counter
Featured Project: 187 Punggol | Mid-Century Modern Interior Design | The Interior Lab

This home bar features a sleek, curved edge that gives it a unique aesthetic. Yet, it retains the functionality of the bar counter by maintaining a comfortable legroom for those sitting at the counter. With its slate grey finish, the curved edge of the bar counter blends seamlessly with the surrounding carpentry while softening the hard lines that run across the communal space.  

Featured Project: 187 Punggol | Mid-Century Modern Interior Design | The Interior Lab


An Alfresco Home Bar Never Goes Wrong 

For those with the privilege of having a spacious balcony or patio, you can consider sprucing up the outdoor space with your very own home bar counter. After all, it is a dream to be sipping on a cocktail while watching the sun set over the horizon, isn’t it?  

Featured Project: Ascentia Sky | Modern Classic Interior Design | The Interior Lab

For this home, the designer crafted a curved bar counter in the balcony, designed to be a fluid extension of the dining island indoors. With the twin arched display shelf and cabinet, the indoor island and alfresco bar counter are designed to be multifunctional spaces for cozy get-togethers or a quiet meal and drink after a long day.  

alfresco home bar
Featured Project: Ascentia Sky | Modern Classic Interior Design | The Interior Lab


As we ease back into pre-pandemic norms, nightlife entertainment has reopened and many have flocked to bars around Singapore. But instead of jostling with others in an overcrowded bar or even waiting in line just to get a seat, you could perhaps consider a home bar in your next renovation.  



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