Designing With A View: 5 Bay Window Ideas for Singapore Homes

22 February 2024 TIPS & GUIDES
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In the vibrant city-state of Singapore, where space is often a premium commodity, homeowners are constantly seeking innovative ways to maximise their living space. Bay window nooks, whether pre-existing or crafted in the process of designing one’s home interior, present an excellent opportunity to transform a seemingly overlooked space into a cosy and stylish retreat. In this article, we explore creative ideas to make the most of bay windows, turning them into focal points that enhance the overall ambiance of your home.

Incorporating A Daybed Into The Bay Window Nook

Embrace the dual functionality of a daybed by placing it in the bay window nook. This not only adds a touch of sophistication but also creates an inviting space for relaxation or reading. Placed in the open home office zone that blends seamlessly into the communal zone in this home, the daybed is a convenient relaxation space amidst a busy work day for the homeowner. 

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For this family, the bay window nook sits at the head of their dining table. The daybed then doubles as extra seating space around the dining table when the homeowners host gatherings for friends and family.

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Sprucing Up Bay Window Bench With Cushions And Pillows

Transform your bay window into a custom seating area by adding plush cushions and throw pillows. This personalised touch not only enhances comfort but also provides an opportunity to infuse your personal style into the space. Consider incorporating a mix of textures and patterns for a visually appealing look. This cosy seating arrangement is perfect for enjoying a cup of tea, working on your laptop, or simply unwinding with a good book. 

Finding a HDB flat with the rare half hexagonal window nooks in every room was a steal for the homeowners, and they took advantage of it, choosing to build a bay window seat for every window. Furnished with autumn coloured cushions that complement their nature-inspired home interior, the couple can now enjoy being close to nature in the comfort of their home.

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Make It Multifunctional By Adding Storage Solutions

In Singaporean homes, where every inch of space matters, integrating storage solutions into your bay window design is a smart move. Choose daybeds with built-in drawers or incorporate storage cabinets under your bay window seats. This allows you to keep your living space clutter-free while maximising the functionality of the area.

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Along with the shrinking sizes of HDB flats, maximising space and having multifunctional interior design solutions have become increasingly necessary. Opting for a bay window seat with storage that runs the length of your living room windows makes for an efficient usage of space, while doubling as extra seating area in small living rooms.

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Creating a Bay Window Garden Retreat

Harness the natural light pouring through your bay windows to cultivate a small indoor garden. Place potted plants or hanging gardens on the windowsill to bring a touch of nature into your home interior. Choose low-maintenance plants that thrive in indoor environments for a hassle-free green oasis.

If you have the luxury of an extra long bay window like this condo apartment, you can place décor items alongside your plants or use the additional space to store items too. The homeowner often works from home at her dining table, so the wide ledge not only houses her indoor plants, but also serves as an extra table for her printer.

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Intimate Seating Or Hangout Space With A View

Where space permits, consider extending your bay window into a platform area where you can kick back and relax after a long day. This bedroom has a bay window seat that seamlessly connects to a platform partially hidden from view behind the bed. It is both a private workstation and a quiet spot for unwinding with a loved one, accompanied by the view outside. Decorate the space with soft throws, cushions, and perhaps even beanbags and a low table to complete the cosy atmosphere.

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In conclusion, the overlooked bay window spaces in Singapore homes hold tremendous potential for interior design brilliance. By applying creative concepts such as bespoke seating arrangements, luxurious window benches, and strategic storage solutions, homeowners can transform these areas into functional and aesthetically pleasing retreats. 

Embrace the opportunity to infuse your home with natural light, create cosy reading nooks, or establish an intimate seating enclave with a view. By implementing these ideas, you not only enhance the overall ambiance of your living space but also showcase the potential of thoughtful interior design in even the most understated corners of your home.


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