Commercial Interior Designer Versus Residential Interior Design

22 August 2019 TIPS & GUIDES
The Interior Lab

Aside from home renovation, the field of commercial interior design has been sprouting. While home interior design reflects the homeowner’s style and personality, the interior of commercial spaces conveys a company’s brand and identity.

In this article, let us share the difference between commercial and residential renovation projects.

There are many different types of commercial interior projects ranging from office renovation to F&B interior design and even to the renovation of educational institutions. Unlike residential interior design where personal preference and individual’s lifestyle needs form the home interior, the commercial project focuses on creating a productive working environment while translating their brand identity to its customers.

In terms of  interior design, residential interiors could afford to hop on to the bandwagon and pursuit trendy interior styles while for commercial projects, commercial interior designers would need to conceptualize unconventional design to stand out from its competitors.

Aside from the above differences, space planning for commercial and residential projects also varies. Besides, ergonomic space planning, commercial projects, especially office renovation, the way which spaces are divided usually affects communication within the company.

Despite the differences between commercial and residential projects, both interior design projects are customised and cost varies according to the different type of projects.


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