A Neutral Palette Paints The Apartment In An Unassuming Shade Of Elegance

Steeped in neutral shades of cream, light wood and grey, this modern luxury interior weaves subtle opulence into clean lines, inviting an understated sense of elegance. Stepping into the home, a set of slim, in-built closed storage cabinets line the passageway by the dining space. The seamless transition of the open display to the TV console evokes a sense of continuity across the communal area. An abstract mix of geometric shapes adorn the wall in the dining area, adding a touch of vibrancy to the interior. Illuminated by the gold pendant lights above the dinner table, a elegant yet cosy dining nook is formed.

The bedroom features the same colour scheme in deeper shades, exuding a soothing, comfortable ambiance for the homeowners to wind down after a long day. On the bedhead feature wall is collection of lights that give the plain grey a more dynamic, luxurious note. By the bedside, a window seat runs the length of the room, creating a sunlit, comfortable reading space.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The designer prioritised the need for functional space planning where storage takes precedence. In line with the clean aesthetics that this modern luxury home exudes, storage spaces are strategically incorporated into the communal area and rooms. This is particularly significant in the room that the homeowners have reserved for relaxation and social gatherings. With ample storage space concealed in a platform that doubles as a seating area, the designer managed to craft a clean, minimalist look without compromising on its functionality.

Another area would be the walk-in wardrobe that sits alongside the vanity. Tinted, translucent sliding doors are used for the wardrobe to bring out an elegance that matches the modern luxury theme of the home. The vanity is placed near the window to give homeowners enough natural light when using it.


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