An Apartment’s Ode to Nature

A natural walnut brown settles itself as a running theme throughout this home’s contemporary interior design. For an apartment set in the midst of the heartlands, the warm wood tone lends a comforting sense of tranquility to the space, allowing the homeowners to unwind after a hectic day. A mix of closed storage and open display shelves form an L-shaped feature wall, where the homeowners’ collectibles are artfully placed on display.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

One of the key concerns for EC (executive condo) homeowners is the storage space available for a growing family. For the growing family of three, the designer proposed customised carpentry, such as the full-height cabinet and platform storage beds, to maximise the storage area in the house and create a clutter-free home.

A natural walnut brown laminate was chosen to evoke timelessness and luxury. The same wood tone is used consistently throughout the home to create a cohesive interior design.


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