Celebrating The Art Of Calm And Cosy Living In Contemporary Style

Clad in dark timber tone and rustic matte textures, this modern contemporary abode is designed to exude a timeless appeal of cosy intimacy and modern elegance. Pockets of cosy resting nooks were opened up in this spacious and sleek modern contemporary interior design.

A majestic entryway leading to the communal area is dressed in pristine white marble to incorporate an unostentatious sense of luxury into the modern contemporary interior design. The extensive glass partition stretching across the walls of the entryway corridor allows the natural light to illuminate the minimalistic woodgrain features of the indoor living space. The dry kitchen centered as the heart of the home is draped in a dashing shade of dark walnut brown that naturally sets a demarcation from the rest of the bright and airy communal area. The concealed swing door sets a division between the wet and dry kitchen to maintain the seamless continuity of the overall home interior design. The opaque midnight blue saturates the walls of the master bedroom to achieve a cosy cocoon-like atmosphere.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

Since the homeowners often work night shifts, they expressed the desire for a calming and restful sanctuary where they can look forward to rejuvenating their body, mind and soul at the end of the day, thus the designer constructed a simplistic yet cosy modern contemporary interior design for the homeowners’ matrimonial home.

The communal space was dramatically expanded to allow the homeowners to host a substantial number of guests. The homeowner also specifically requested a breakfast counter cum dry kitchen area where he or she can maintain visual access to her family and guests in the living room while cooking or baking at the dry kitchen. Notice the secret doorway leading to the wet kitchen? It serves a functional purpose of preventing unwanted fumes and grease from polluting the rest of the communal area without compromising the overall aesthetics. The low-height platform adjacent to the communal space doubles as a cosy chilling lounge area for guests while creating extra small storage compartment. The customised wardrobe feature next to the master bedroom provides an uncluttered organized compartment in the dressing room.


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