An Ode To Chic Industrial Cafes In The Concrete Urban Jungle

The signature brew of modern industrial cafes whisks together the following ingredients – a coffee bar island where the barista of the house would be stationed, exposed brick elements juxtaposed against concrete cement setting, comfy lounge seatings and cosy reading corners peppered in an open concept layout where people can bond freely.

Paying homage to trendy modern cafes, the eccentric blend of the familiar urban features were impeccably brewed together to create a modern industrial interior design that reflects the homeowner’s fervent love for coffee and all things industrial. Blanketed by astonishing layers of cement screed and robust stacks of copper red bricks, the iconic hallmarks of a modern industrial interior design are sensibly infused into this cafe-inspired abode that oozes a vibrant and youthful yet cosy ambience. The lack of formal barriers creates an open concept layout where the range of visual accessibility is widely expanded in the communal area, and the flow of movements and interactions remain unencumbered. Tucked behind a quaint barnyard door, a distinctive abstract juxtaposition is created using two contrasting color schemes – pristine white hexagons with soft wood and organic touches for the common bathroom, and a chromatic dark sensual look for the master bathroom. Hexagonal patterns imbue the bathrooms with a quirky geometric chic that is dramatized by abstract ambience lightings. A pool of warm wood saturates the master bedroom to evoke a snuggly cabin-like ambience where various storage compartments were fitted in for functional living.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

After expressing their fondness for particular industrial interior elements that are commonly found in modern industrial cafes, the homeowners gave full creative freedom to our interior designer who altogether created this chic modern industrial interior design.

A coffee station in the form of a kitchen bar island was incorporated where the homeowners can entertain and bond with their guests seated in the dining table while making coffee. Little pockets of cosy nooks are carved out to create a casual modern cafe look that oozes a vibrant and youthful yet cosy ambience. Walls were hacked down to open up the communal area that also resulted in the quirky dentist chair corner with the abstract painting. The brick wall helps to break the monotony of cement grey that takes on the appearance of ideal photo zones in modern cafes. A dedicated workspace with a semi-open concept look was created to sustain a productive and comfortable work-from-home lifestyle by employing black framed glass partitions, which helps to preserve the visual accessibility in the open communal layout.


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