Inside This Idyllic Nordic Sanctuary, Home To A Newlywed Couple

Decked in a soothing array of soft wood tones and vanilla white hues, this open concept condo apartment essentially personifies the most basic ideals of Scandinavian interior design. The harmonious blend of natural organic elements and a light color scheme was integrated along with various smart storage compartments in order to support the clean decluttered look of the Scandinavian interior design.

The heart of the home is formed by the multifunctional kitchen island where light cooking takes place, and where the couple can interact conveniently while working and having their morning coffee. The warm pool of natural light pours into the open communal area to illuminate the nook and corners of this Scandinavian interior. Pacific blue saturates the bedhead feature wall to instill a sense of tranquility and cosy intimacy in the master bedroom. Awash in neutral colors and minimal adornment, this nordic sanctuary gradually draws you with its cosy vibe. This timeless modern Scandinavian interior design offers the best of both worlds with its pragmatic design features and the warm mood of ‘hygge-ness’.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowners wanted a bright and cosy interior for their matrimonial home, so our interior designer constructed a simple yet classy and functional Scandinavian interior design where form and function comes into place. The open concept layout with no obstructions allows natural light to brighten up the indoor living space, eliminating the need to incorporate any dramatic lighting features. Since the wife loves to cook frequently, a semi-open kitchen with a sliding glass partition feature was incorporated so as to protect the rest of the living spaces from unwanted fumes and grease while retaining visual connectivity. A see-through glass top cabinet was created to display the homeowner’s whiskey collection. Overall, the fixtures in the original apartment layout were torn away to make space for new features and materials.


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