A Modest BTO Apartment Sprouts Wood-Clad Pockets Of Spaces With Maximised Functionality

The sense of modern sensibility and simplicity spun along with distinctive contemporary touches form this functional and hassle-free modern contemporary interior design. Warm woody shades caressed by textural touches saturates throughout the home as the main design motif to reinforce the cosy charm of a modern contemporary interior design. The hint of industrial elements peppers the home interior in the form of black panes that enshrouds the cosy home office workspace. Drawing eyes with a contrasting color palette, the open concept kitchen is dressed in Scandinavian white tones and clean lines that offer the illusion of a sleek and fresh, lofty space. Facing the island counter feature is the picnic bench table that adds a quirky adventurous outdoorsy feel while blending in perfectly with the design aesthetic of the woody modern contemporary interior design. Transiting to the master bedroom that overlooks a scenic view of the city, overwhelming hues of cooling stormy grey dominate the sleeping area to evoke a calm, moody and restful vibe that is perfect for unwinding and relaxing after a long day.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

Given the modestly sized condition of the hdb bto apartment, our interior designer sought to create compact functional spaces by drawing various kinds of visional boundaries. The designer allocated a cosy home office corner enveloped by see-through sliding glass partitions behind the living room. Peering into the details, one side of the partition is an accordion door that helps to open up more space while the other is a convenient sliding door which homeowners can enter and exit at ease if they require privacy while working. Contrast to the dimmer color palette of the open communal area, the kitchen interior steers towards a brighter airy tone with the implementation of white scandinavian subway tiles and lighter wood tones. The full-height shelf cabinets plastered to the side of the wall is an easy accessible smart storage compartment located next to the entrance that helps to keep the entire home as decluttered and clean as possible. This is where they store their shoe wear as well. The master bedroom is dissected into two functional areas by setting up a wardrobe partition.


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