Contemporary Luxe Dwelling Dials Up the Luxe Factor With A Pop Of Retro Edge

Eclecticism forms the root of the home as this condo apartment celebrates the marriage of vibrant retro colors, understated luxe accents and marble-veined textures to underscore the feel of modern sophistication in this unique modern luxe interior design. Bright pops of colors splashes the canvas of the open communal area that comprises of the cobalt blue living room, antique wood dining feature and semi-open concept kitchen. The kaleidoscope of bold colors brings out the fun personality of the interior while subtle luxe elements and wood accents keeps it grounded in this modern luxe interior design. The living room design in this condo apartment takes resemblance of a luxury showroom with a vivid playful twist. The colorful matte setting is occupied by the centerpiece of the home – the leather sofa – that adds a textural, masculine touch in this modern luxury interior design. Transiting to the master bedroom, the stone bedhead feature wall makes a bold visual statement in this ensuite hotel inspired room, graced by natural veins, streaks and textures that is emboldened by the decorative lighting. Form and function comes together in perfect harmony as the pragmatic design features serves both functional and aesthetic purposes in this modern luxe interior design.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowners requested for a modern luxury theme with an added unique edge, and granted the designer with the creative liberty to experiment with different colors and materials that established this contemporary-style modern luxe interior design.

To create a flow of space between the small kitchen and the communal area, a glass panel is used. Notice that the glass panel reaches to only a certain height? It is attributed to the customised height catered to the height of the homeowners while accommodating the carpentry works. While a bold aesthetic approach is taken for the communal area, a dark monochromatic theme is adopted for the kitchen interior design. Stone-like silestone countertop instantly dial up the luxe factor of the sleek black-and-white combination. A different interior vibe can be discovered in the master bedroom that was deeply inspired by boutique hotel ensuite rooms with a stone bedhead feature wall. Majority of the carpentry works are hanging for the safety of the kids in the family and for easy maintenance in this modern luxe interior design.


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