Majestic Victorian Inspired Minimalist Apartment Bulks Up With A Quirky Fitness Addition

Channeling the era of romance and classic grandeur, this Victorian-inspired condo apartment was transformed to a contemporary minimalist interior design, while retaining its original grand medieval imprints. The blend of current modern design trends while paying homage to the ancient traditional interior motifs was projected onto the clean and decluttered minimalist setting without compromising on functionality in this contemporary minimalist interior design. Contrasted against the seemingly exposed cement surface, the neutral color palette of cooling stone grey and alabaster white blankets the background setting to evoke an ethereal sense of lightness and calm, while the white and dark wood tones harmonize the myriad of interior elements to imbue a distinctive modern chicness into this contemporary minimalist interior design. The slanted mountain climbing feature in the quirky fitness corner takes away the role of the main scene stealer, adding a pop of vibrancy to break the plain neutral monotony of the communal area in this contemporary minimalist interior design. The reinterpreted expression of victorian regal classicism with a sophisticated modern twist enriches the home with dignified elegance and nostalgia, designed to withstand the test of time and trend in this contemporary minimalist interior design.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

Given that the state of the original home was overwhelmed in tacky colors and marble, the interior designer went forth with a 180 degree home transformation while taking into consideration the combined desired aesthetic of the homeowners and the tight budget. While the husband expressed his fondness for industrial interior elements, the wife had a preference for a neoclassical midcentury style.

The interior designer decided to keep the elements of the original condo apartment such as the regal chandelier and olden ornate details, and replaced the marble tiles with extensive cement flooring. Another iconic hallmark of this regal contemporary minimalist condo is the distinctively unique interior style of each bathroom – a pristine minimalist white bathtub centers the master bathroom, an artfully designed cement-covered dry powder bathroom, accompanied with separate workroom for each member. The island bed in the master bedroom is backed by a stone wall partition that overlooks the pool through the window where natural flow floods into the living space. Being cafe owners, quirky vintage decor and stylish furniture pieces can be discovered throughout the communal area in this contemporary minimalist interior design.


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