A Light-Filled Modern Sanctuary With A Stairway To Seventh Heaven

Unearthed from the rubble was the graceful assembly of natural stone and neutral tones that artfully expresses the elevation to a higher realm with the sense of understated elegance of a modern interior design. This ageless modern interior design is characterised by cooling neutral colours, and rich source of sleek materials and textures along with vintage accents and maximised illumination.

Minimalist color palette of white, black and grey hues forms the foundation of the simple yet classic modern interior design. Textural touches of natural stones elevates the understated luxe ambience in this modern interior design. Delicate strokes of cool beige-grey tones and polished natural stone elements form the perfect marriage that paves the way for a timelessly designed modern interior design with a subtle myriad of textures and warmth that does not overpowers the intended clean and decluttered look. Conventional barriers were torn down to open up the communal area, connecting the living room and patio to form an adjustable semi open concept where flow of movements and interactions between inhabitants are promoted. Natural lights pours into the transparent acrylic roof at the stairway to brighten up the moodiness of the modern interior design.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

This landed property is a facelift from its original look. Faced with many difficulties such as asbestos, a hollow floor, and several technical difficulties, this is one of the most memorable experiences for both the homeowner and our interior designer. Nevertheless, the overall look is exactly what the homeowner envisioned it to be like. Sliding glass window was incorporated for the wall of the living room to expand the combined gathering space that encompasses the living room and the outdoor patio area where the family can gather altogether to dine alfresco.

The expanded family moved into this home with a bigger living space, so various concealed storage compartments were pulled into different areas of the modern interior design to fill up the spaces and cater to the family’s functional lifestyle needs.


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