Bali Bliss: A Modern Twist On Cultural Design

Resembling a tranquil getaway in the tropics of Southeast Asia, enveloped in an exquisite fusion of earthy shades and vibrant greenery reflects elements of Modern Balinese home interior. A harmonious amalgam of contemporary fixtures, artistic decor pieces and cosy ambience emanates an air of utter bliss and serenity. Abundance of daylight streams from the balcony, illuminating the communal area with a sheer glow. Introducing curved edges on the carpentry works adds a touch of softness to the space. Adorned with organic textures and warm lighting, the aura of the home sets the tone of ease and rejuvenation. Paired with a spick-and-span environment, this stunning combination of cultural elegance truly speaks for itself for what it means to call home. A soothing shade of taupe accent wall and delicate muted sheets infuse the master bedroom with a charm of tranquil haven.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowner requested for a Balinese interior design with a modern twist. As a frequent  traveller and being a pet owner of two felines, having a home that was functional for all its inhabitants was one of the key aspects in the design brief. To achieve this, the interior designer suggested installing slip and scratch resistant vinyl flooring at the communal area where the pets would often roam around. When it comes to art decor and personal touches in the home, much of it was drawn from his travel inspirations spanning across Southeast Asian culture and heritage. To optimise  the  space near the entrance, a shoe storage cabinet is seamlessly enjoined with a dining bench to enhance spatial flow and movement. Original parquet floors remained in the bedrooms to create a separation between spaces, while adding warmth to the space. To keep a consistent design theme in the bedrooms, a partition wall was built to accommodate a recessed niche and cove lighting. This also heightens the space with an illusion of a full height headboard using an earthy accent colour that blends harmoniously with the rest of the interior. One of the bedrooms was converted into a dedicated home office and the idea was to keep it mainly functional and conducive for work from home days.


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