Inside A Suave Monochromatic Bachelor Pad

Embracing the appeal of a timeless concept, monochromatic shades of grey and black forms the foundation of this Modern debonair dwelling. A dark allure paired with contemporary furnishings and pops of colourful figurines adds a tad of quirky personality to the space. An open plan concept connects the kitchen, dining and living area — boasting a sense of spaciousness across the communal zone.  Sleek lighting and cabinetry design translates a level of pragmatism and sophistication that transcends time. Given the elongated layout, the centralised kitchen island cum dining area anchors the space flawlessly, accentuating a sense of symmetry. The semi-open living room takes on a minimalist nature, featuring a black accent wall with atmospheric lights to bring in warmth and cosiness to the space. A mirrored hidden door leads into a calming retreat, juxtaposed with black fluted panels  to break the monotony, creating depth and dimension to the interior. Staying true to the theme of the home, black tinted wardrobe doors highlights a polished and seamless appearance. Embodying the essence of Modern design, a unified colour scheme and natural textures creates a soothing harmony between spaces.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

For the main design brief, a monochromatic interior with sleek cabinetry and lighting remains as a consistent theme throughout the home. A sense of openness and seclusion is thoughtfully designed in a balanced proportion. Keeping functionality and visual appeal in mind, modern fixtures and a display of collectible items brings in personality and character to the space. To expand the open-concept layout, one of the bedroom walls was hacked down and converted to a living room with the integration of glass sliding doors  — providing a subtle separation between spaces while also creating a greater sense of spaciousness. This also allows daylight to soar through the communal area without compromising on privacy whenever needed. To fully maximise the space, the standalone kitchen island serves as a two-seater dining area, cooking and preparation station. Countering the narrow walkway leading into the master bedroom, a mirrored sliding door was installed, which serves as a space-saving solution and a statement piece against the plain white walls. The bathroom wall was hacked down and extended out to accommodate a vanity sink, which was originally outside of the bathroom. An all black kitchen interior and fluted panels of the bathroom walls creates a seamless integration and understated visual interest to the space. 


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