Inside An Opulent Home That Celebrates Functionality And Grandeur

A clean base of soothing neutral tones with pops of gold accents flows through the Modern Luxury interior design of this sophisticated dwelling. A true epitome of timeless elegance; the abode boasts a curated blend of clean lines and contemporary decor, contrasted by a myriad of cosy furnishings. Cladded in light wood tones and sleek cabinetry, the idyllic setting of the communal space creates an air of tranquillity and opulence. A harmonious melange of textures fills the monochromatic style of the master bedroom with a graceful touch of minimalist chic, emanating a sense of serenity and lavish living. Countering the minimalism of this exquisite dwelling, contemporary additions like abstract art decor and statement light fixtures serve as a subtle introduction to an artistic flair and playful character. 

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowner requested a Modern Luxury home interior with light tones as their main design theme. Built-in carpentry was installed to maximise utility space, prioritising both functionality and visual aesthetics.  The floating console table was designed to create an integration with the wooden cladded feature wall of the living room, emphasising a seamless and sleek design. The carpentry in the guest bedroom was reconfigured into a wood joinery loft bed to accommodate a work desk underneath to maximise space, this also allowed natural light to illuminate the room. The master bedroom was kept minimal yet chic, allowing the light fixtures to stand out against the neutral wall, highlighting a timeless appeal.


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