Old East Coast Penthouse Rebirths As A Light-Filled Sunny Cat Sanctuary

Bathed in a pool of warm natural light, this modern contemporary abode channels an ethereal sense of beauty and pious serenity that utterly mesmerizes the four senses. An unconventional color palette of ocean pacific blue and muted gold was composed to harmoniously complement the existing dark wood tones infused throughout this modern contemporary interior design. The spacious communal area in this light-filled sanctuary is perfectly curated for a couple with two feline cats where they can roam and play about freely. Stacked against the plain living room walls are mounted steps where the fur-kids can climb and survey the open communal space. Inspired by the nautical and mediterranean influences, the open concept kitchen and bathroom were dressed in nautical blue and vibrant geometric patterns, acting as subjects of visual interests that evokes a subtle sense of exotic aura in this modern contemporary interior design. While the balcony opens up a picturesque scenery, the sliding bedhead feature wall was weaved beautifully into the master bedroom that shields one from the blinding morning rays and prying eyes. Hidden behind the bedhead feature wall is a cosy nook that is reserved for the cats to find refuge and sunbathe at the window in seclusion. The harmony of outlandish patterns and muted colors evokes an unconventional yet calming and restful atmosphere that softly permeates through the living spaces.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

Concealed within this contemporary penthouse apartment are exciting cat-friendly features are sensibly incorporated at the nook and cranny of this modern contemporary interior design. Not only did the homeowners employed interesting cat features, they considered the versatile functionality of a sliding bedhead feature wall that conceal a small pocket of space reserved for the cats to sunbathe near the window while protecting them from strong sunlight. The husband pushed for an exotic resort look so the designer adopted colorful design characteristics inspired by the Mediterranean culture that was majorly incorporated throughout the interior. The plain contemporary setting in the open communal area was also accentuated by wooden ceiling beams that instantly heighten the feel of a resort vibe. The open concept kitchen splashed with intense nautical blue tones and exotic patterns was thoughtfully designed to accommodate a small gathering for cook-out sessions.


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