Sharply Defined HDB Maisonette Thrives In A Whirlwind Of Matt Wood & Stone Marble Affair

Crafted by various contemporary and modern luxury interior elements, this modern luxury hdb maisonette boasts a clearcut and crisp, cutting-edge charm. While the gold bronze accents injects extra edge into the living space, the smorgasbord of raw textured stone marble and dark walnut brown elements are orchestrated beautifully in composing this sharply defined dark modern luxe hdb maisonette apartment. The built-in lighting functions are strategically stationed to balance out the dark moody atmosphere as well as to brighten up the home and emphasize on its wood-grained beauty. Visual connectivity plays a pivotal role in transforming this open concept living home where conventional barriers are torn down to reinvent this voguish dark hdb maisonette.

Stepping up to the next level, warm woody tones are reduced to a bare minimum and raw exposed materials take over the bedroom interiors. A calming sterling gray dominates the sleeping area, vanity counter and built-in home office feature while charcoal stone black dresses the entirety surface of the master bedroom, characterized by modern contemporary interior elements determined to withstand the test of trend and time. Contoured by subtle yet distinctive gold lines, the bedrooms are designed with a timeless charm that elevates one to the luxury seventh heaven.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

Other than the straightforward request for a modern luxury themed home, the interior designer was given full creative freedom to spearhead the home interior for this hdb maisonette including the nitty gritty details of home styling for the final cherry-on-top. Given that this resale hdb has many pockets of space with an open living layout, the designer ensured to maximise the full potential of this executive maisonette.

Over the gorgeous L-shaped entryway foyer feature lies the unusually spacious living room that was constructed by bringing the balcony indoors and expanding the general living room space. The open display near the window was originally incorporated to display the religious altar. Notice the wood-clad corner at the bottom on the other side? It conceals the rubbish chute door away. Shifting to the open concept kitchen and dining area, the gold bronze mirror greets you instantly once you step into this space. Not only does it heightens the luxurious feel of the hdb maisonette design, but it serves a functional purpose of expanding the visual space that is also supported by the open concept layout of the open kitchen and dining design. The idiosyncratic personality style and lifestyle needs of each family member were taken into account when designing the two bedrooms.


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