7 Unique Home Interior Designs Dedicated To Hobbyists

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Distinctively unique home interior design personalised for the homeowner’s hobbies.

What do you do during your free time? Do you have a dedicated nook within your home interior for your hobbies or interest? While some interests can be more space-demanding such as that of a collector, others may require a dedicated space or equipment for the activity. In space-constraint Singapore, how can an interior designer create small home designs that are aesthetically pleasing yet accommodating to the homeowners’ hobbies? What’s more? The home interior design should also distinctively reflect the homeowners’ personalities.

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Featured Project: 756 Pasir Ris 71 | HDB Interior Design Singapore

Here are six distinctively unique homes belonging to homeowners whose interior designers have successfully infused their hobbies into their home, and designed the perfect dwelling for rest and play.


The homeowners of this contemporary condo interior are avid rock-climbers who wanted to incorporate their unique hobby into their spacious condo apartment. So, the interior designer installed a steep inclining rock-climbing wall within the living room interior where the homeowners can casually indulge in their favorite workout at any time of the day in the comforts of their home! For any gym rats or outdoorsy homeowners, you might want to consider dedicating a part of your living space to be designed into a workout exercise corner so that you can exercise at your time of convenience and sustain a healthy lifestyle!

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Featured Project: Maplewoods | Condo Interior Design Singapore


A huge concern for most avid readers is having sufficient storage compartments for their vast collection of books. Aside from that, unlike other home decor or accessories, the books would have to be easily accessible to the homeowner. A quick tip from our interior designer is to incorporate sufficient open-shelvings that can integrate into the overall interior theme. You can even try changing them into a show-stopping statement piece of the living room interior. This can be the perfect interior design solution for the bibliophiles out there! Here are two distinctive residential interior design which employed this idea:

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Featured Project: Slowing Time Within Spaces | Landed Property Interior Design Singapore
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Featured Project: 16 Cantonement Close | HDB Interior Design Singapore


What better way to express your musical passions other than displaying your musical instruments in your home? Instead of letting these bulky yet beautiful items occupy your concealed storage space, you can let these prized possessions of yours take the spotlight as home decor in strategic places. To ensure that the electric guitar do not stick out like a sore thumb, our interior designer chose a colour palette similar to that of a music studio. For those who are concerned with noise pollution, consider installing a noise-proof glass partition and settle for a private pocket of space for your groovy music jamming sessions as perfectly demonstrated in these modern interior design homes. Spruce up your walls with some mural art to further electrify the mood and stimulate your musical creativity!

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Featured Project: 907 Jurong | HDB Interior Design Singapore
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Featured Project: 215A Compassvale Drive | HDB Interior Design Singapore


So this is what a gamer’s paradise looks like! Every gamer needs a private ‘man cave’ to wholly focus on their uninterrupted gaming sessions, but you can improvise the interior design features to your other lifestyle needs as well. The homeowners of these HDB interior design requested an enclosed semi-open concept for their home office design with a transparent glass partition window to visually open up the overall communal area that allows them to monitor the child from inside the home office and also helps them to focus on gaming sessions. An exemplary demonstration of how form and functionality go hand in hand!

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Featured Project: 8 Haig Road | HDB Interior Design Singapore
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Featured Project: Sengkang West Way | HDB Interior Design Singapore


Designing a residential interior design for a collector can be quite a challenging job. Depending on the size of their collectibles, they can either be the highlight of the home interior design or would need to be blended into the overall interior theme of the home. For the Moh Guan Terrace project, our interior designer is tasked to create a harmonious interior that gently weaves in the homeowner’s collection of antique furnishings. The choice of every material and detailing of the home renovation was thoughtfully chosen. The result? A modern oriental residential interior design that has a touch of influence from Singapore’s heritage. Definitely a home that is one of its kind. Are you a collector as well? You can transform your home design into a personal museum of memorabilia and paraphernalia that showcases an extensive collection of your personal triumphs, fun adventures, and lifelong passion!

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Featured Project: Moh Guan Terrace | HDB Interior Design Singapore
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Featured Project: Steven Suites | Condo Interior Design Singapore


Transform your walk-in wardrobe into your personal fashion walkway! Black tinted doors can help to conceal the unsightly mess in your wardrobe storage space. You can also consider attaching a glass partition wall to demarcate the dressing room from the sleeping area in the same interior space. Attaching a full-length mirror with bright lighting can instantly set the mood for your walk-in wardrobe space or your beauty room where you can easily dress up for your next hangout. Pair it with a gorgeous vanity cove and decorative lightings, and you have achieved your dream vanity room goals!

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Featured Project: Punggol Bayview | HDB Interior Design Singapore
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Featured Project: Toa Payoh Apex | HDB Interior Design Singapore


The quintessential guide to creating the perfect kitchen interior design curated for bakers and master-chefs at home encapsulates a spacious ergonomic countertop space that comes in the form of kitchen island design feature, sufficient smart storage compartments to store baking ingredients and kitchen appliances and a kitchen interior design layout that feels the most comfortable and practical for you. The kitchen island feature provides plenty of cooking preparation workspace where you can host baking sessions with your family and friends. Installing a good mix of drawers, open shelves and concealed storage cabinets underneath the kitchen island table and countertop features allows you to easily reach out for baking ingredients on the rack and work effectively while maximising the functional usage of floor and ceiling space. With these kitchen interior design features, you’re on your way to becoming a legitimate bona fide baker!

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Featured Project: 618 Yishun Ring Road | HDB Interior Design Singapore
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Featured Project: The Eden | Condo Interior Design Singapore

What are your hobbies and passions? With many breathtaking interior designs along with the occasional design trend, it is not uncommon for homeowners to feel overwhelmed with interior design inspiration and interior design theme options. Our take on a home interior is that it should be thoughtfully curated to reflect the homeowners’ personalities and accommodate their lifestyle. That being said, sign up for a non-obligatory consultation session with our talented interior designers at our interior firm and discuss the endless interior design possibilities for your dream home renovation that is uniquely yours!


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