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Before we start on today’s article, we would like to thank handyman for featuring The Interior Lab as one of the top 10 condo interior designers. From books to toys to antique furnishing, many hobbyists and collectors face the same problem of having sufficient storage spaces and display cabinets for their ever-growing collection. Aside from spatial issues, the majority of the homeowners would often express their concern of displaying their collection in a tasteful manner which does not disrupt the design flow of the home interior design. The following are 5 interior design solutions that our interior designers have come up to showcase the homeowners’ collections which they have amassed across the years.


This interior of this 104sqm condo at Steven Suites might be modestly-sized, but by tapping on its long narrow foyer layout, the interior designer created a gallery walkway incorporating a variety of open-shelving and storage compartments for the action figure enthusiast.

The Interior Lab
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Aside from being a display cabinet for the collection of figurines, the customised glass cabinet allows segregates the home office from the communal area without affecting the flow of light throughout the abode. Isn’t this customised interior design solution an ingenious idea?

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One of the design brief given by the homeowner at East Coast is that there should be ample storage space for their vast collection of books. The interior designer thus created 3 interior spaces with sufficient open-shelving for the homeowners to have easy access to their books. One of such an feature is the extensive tv feature wall which is the show-stopping feature of the living room interior design.

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The homeowner of fernvale rd is also a toy collector who wanted a dark theme modern luxury home interior. Thus, as an interior designer herself, she concealed her collection behind the black tinted glass. This allows her to display her collection while ensuring a consistent, coherent design flow throughout the abode. When needed, the recessed lighting could be turned on, allowing her collection to be visible.

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The homeowner of this unit located in Moh Guan Terrace is a Chinese Antique aficionado. Having collected antique pieces for decades, the design brief given to the interior designer is to create an asian style interior with modern influence. Thus, a combination of modern elements and vintage elements is intertwined to create a modern oriental interior design.

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