The Minton II

Residential Interior Design - 3-BR Resale Condo Renovation

The Epitome Of Sumptuous Elegance – Modern Luxury Interior Design

A clean base of neutral tones with exquisite pops of opulent gold and velvety forest green flows through the Modern Luxury interior design of this sophisticated dwelling. The epitome of sumptuous elegance; the abode boasts a curated concoction of clean-lined furnishings and glistening lavish marble, contrasted by lush greenery and organic wood. The open floor plan of the commodious living area encourages natural daylight to stream in peacefully, illuminating the divine intricacies of its Modern Luxury interior design. A harmonious melange of textures fills the classic monochromatic bathrooms with balance and dimension, creating spaces that evoke an undeniable sense of calm and serenity.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts:

From built-in storage beds to concealed mirror cabinets, the interior designers stayed true to the sleek nature of the home by creating storage solutions that blend into its design effortlessly.

To introduce an element of vibrancy to the space’s muted colour scheme, the interior designers added subtle pops of green in the form of greenery and furniture to breathe life into the home without disrupting the existing understated neutral tones.

Varying monochromatic palettes were adopted for the bathrooms to maintain a cohesive, multi-dimensional look while keeping them airy and bright.

Modern Luxury Interior Design

3-BR Condo

113 sq. m.

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