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A Picturesque Dwelling In Everlasting Charm – Bohemian Scandinavian Interior Design

Sheer radiance, soft muted colours and whimsical decorative pieces encapsulates the vivacious aura of this Bohemian Scandinavian home interior. Neutral tones and rattan furnishings create a warm and relaxed atmosphere in the communal space. An alluring showcase of decorative pieces and sculptures is paired with a unique pendant light that elevates the minimal nature of the home. In contrast to the neutral palette of the communal area, a monochrome tropical accent wall leads into the galley kitchen, introducing an understated element of visual appeal. Clean white shaker-style kitchen cabinetry with open shelves reflects natural light to create a bright and airy ambience. Clad in muted neutrals and light wood tones, the master bedroom exudes ultimate bliss. 

Interior Designer’s Thoughts:

The homeowners requested a Scandinavian interior design with some playful elements to reflect their personal taste and create a cosy family home. They emphasised on having neutral tones with modular furnishings that would allow them to switch things up when they need to.  This is especially so in the study room that doubles as the child’s playroom, which has been kept with minimal built-in carpentry to facilitate its conversion to a bedroom in the near future. 

The interior designer suggested a Bohemian Scandinavian interior design for the overall interior style, giving the space a clean appearance with a personal twist. Classic shaker-style cabinets were used throughout the home to achieve a timeless and visually appealing look. Soft and muted colours were introduced to create a cohesive colour scheme that blends harmoniously with the rest of the furnishings.

Bohemian Scandinavian Interior Design


69 sq. m.


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