Luxe Living In A Boutique Hotel-Inspired Abode

Exemplary craftsmanship with furnishings that are luxurious to the touch, this sophisticated dwelling captures the true essence of the Modern Luxury home interior. With its dark-themed appearance, a myriad of textures and deep neutral furnishings, the space exudes a sensual allure. An array of potted greenery brings forth a sense of calm and vibrancy to the communal area. Natural sunlight diffuses the space with subtle warmth across the lounge area, creating an irresistible invite for utter relaxation. Dark fluted wood panels instantly draw attention upon entry into the communal area, serving as a statement piece in the home. Extending from the living area to the bedroom door, the fluted panels double as a means to conceal the doors to the common bathroom and storeroom.

In the kitchen, deep sage green cabinets add a pop of colour to the space, blending harmoniously with the light sandy subway tiles and top cabinets. Upon entry to the master bedroom, the glass display case carrying luxury pieces takes centrestage – a brilliant showcase of collectors items, reflecting the personal style and character of the homeowners.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowners requested a boutique hotel-inspired home interior, after taking into consideration their unique preferences and affluent lifestyle. As the homeowners are avid collectors of designer pieces and accessories, the interior designer suggested a large standalone glass display case, much like those found in luxury boutique stores, to showcase their entire collection. In order to create sufficient space, the bedroom walls were hacked and turned into a master bedroom suite.


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