How To Add Character To Your Home Interior

There are things, both small and large, that can redefine the meaning of home.

Interior design works to make your house into a home – a place that is truly yours. But by taking inspiration from homes we have seen before, or online on Pinterest and Instagram, it is easy to fall into the trap of a somewhat cookie-cutter home interior.

There are several things you can take into consideration, either prior to your renovation process or after your home renovation is done, to add character and a touch of your own personality into the space. Here are 4 tips to help you along your renovation journey, and guide you in sprucing up your home post-renovation.


Adding Artwork Or Photographs As Décor

Putting up art is almost always a go-to solution to decorating a plain wall. Perhaps you have a favorite artist, or just happen to browse and find something you like and would like to hang up on your bedroom wall. It seems simple, but keep in mind that your choice of artwork can actually influence the look and feel of your home interior.

Size matters, and not all negative spaces have to be filled up. Narrow spaces or areas that lack height should be fitted with smaller artworks, while larger spaces tend to be able to visually accommodate larger pieces or multiple frames.

Featured Project: Omar Khayyam | Modern Luxury Interior Design | The Interior Lab
Featured Project: 394 Tampines | Modern Nordic Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Aside from artwork, photographs are also good wall décor. Photographs, especially self-taken ones, easily bring a personalised touch to your home interior. They can also bring a sense of comfort and nostalgia into the space, immortalising memories made in the past.  

Featured Project: 17 Telok Blangah | Modern Industrial Interior Design | The Interior Lab


Incorporating Your Hobbies Into Your Home Interior

What better way to represent yourself than to integrate your hobbies into the design of your home. Hobbies can range from passive to active ones, and with home sizes getting smaller, many may wonder if they can make room for the things they love.  

For this family who are avid vintage collectors, their functional modern industrial home interior is artfully littered with items they have collected over the years. From framed pieces with historical significance to an antique sound system, there is a charming mix of old and new that distinctly speaks of their interests and personalities.  

Featured Project: 17 Telok Blangah | Modern Industrial Interior Design | The Interior Lab

With the rise of biophilic interior design and the understanding of the benefits that plants bring to the home, growing plants has become a common hobby. While placing these house plants strategically around your home is ideal for the interior aesthetic, it may not always be practical in small homes. Consider hanging plants or placing a rack for them on a window to save space.  

hanging plant home interior
Featured Project: 861 Jurong | Modern Classic Interior Design | The Interior Lab
home interior
Featured Project: The Tropica | Modern Minimalist Interior Design | The Interior Lab


Playing With Colour And Texture

With specific interior design styles and themes, there tend to be particular colours and textures that are associated with them. For example, Scandinavian leans towards a light and neutral palette, while industrial carries a darker palette with brick or wood accents.  

A play on colour or texture on a wall can redefine your home interior as it strays from what is expected of a certain interior style. For this Nordic themed home, a teal accent wall injects a playful splash of colour to the communal area, jazzing up the dining zone alongside the unique pendant light.  

Featured Project: 394 Tampines | Modern Nordic Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Switching out white walls for patterned tiles in the entryway and a geometric backsplash in the kitchen, this Scandinavian home punctuates a simple, minimalist space with pockets of visual interest.  

Featured Project: 708 Pasir Ris | Scandinavian Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Colours and textures are not only confined to walls or built-in carpentry, you can also spruce up your home post-renovation by adding décor and soft furnishing. Think lamps, rugs, cushions and display pieces – no matter how small, these additions to a space can elevate it to give a cosy or even classy finish.  

home interior
Feature Project: Mangis Road | Warm Minimalist Interior Design | The Interior Lab


Tweaking The Layout To Suit Your Lifestyle

Above aesthetics, your home should centre around your lifestyle and habits. The layout of your home and space planning for the renovation is one of the most important things in the initial stages of home renovation planning.  

The homeowners of this home love to host gatherings and often have guests over at their place. To accommodate this, they worked with the designer to expand the communal space and hack away a room to make way for a larger open kitchen.  

Featured Project: 312 Tampines St 33 | Modern Victorian Interior Design | The Interior Lab

As work from home has become a norm in the past two years, many carve out a work-study room in their homes to facilitate this arrangement. This homeowner often spends time working at home while her children study alongside her. A half-glass partitioned room was created to provide a conducive environment with plenty of natural light.  

Featured Project: 622A Tampines | Modern Scandinavian Interior Design | The Interior Lab

The above are just a few tips to making your house a home for you and your family. There is a common misconception that only eclectic interior design allows for quirky colours and loud textures, which is not always true. You can always seek advice from your designer for fun or functional ways to make your home different from the crowd and your very own.  


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