When Effortless Minimalism Meets Sleek Luxury

A divine blend of cool and warm tones is met with a curated palette of deep navy, soft grey and rich wood to establish the foundation of this abode’s Modern Luxury interior design. Filled with timeless textures like cosy fabrics and pale stone, the living room radiates eternal bliss and comfort. Smooth fluted panels and sleek cabinetry encase the walls of the secluded master bedroom, creating an idyllic hideaway for repose at any time of the day. Forging the heart of the home, the semi-open kitchen unites effortlessly with the dining room to foster open conversations and quality time. Countering the minimalism of this remarkable dwelling, contemporary additions like colourful paintings and whimsical light fixtures are artfully situated to introduce subtle touches of character and fun.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

A dark colour scheme was specially chosen for the master to amplify its relaxing nature. Along with exclusive built-in storage to diminish loose furnishing, the space’s Modern Luxury interior design redefines the concept of a snug bedroom.

To maximise functionality in the combined kitchen and dining room, a multi-purpose peninsula was built into its design. Apart from serving the purpose of a mini bar, it also creates extra counter space while cooking and provides additional seating during intimate gatherings.


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