A Modern Zen Oasis Steeped In Sunlight

Drenched in dazzling morning sunlight, the phenomenal intricacies of this Modern Japanese interior design are gloriously illuminated. Fluted panelling in rich teak lines the arresting living room feature wall with natural texture, injecting this heavenly abode with colour and warmth. Luscious shades of coffee, matcha and oatmeal infuse the mellow living space with a generous dash of vibrancy, flawlessly balancing out the neutral white and wood tones. A hidden door within the stunning accent wall leads to a light-filled hallway, seamlessly separating the private areas from the communal zone. Paying homage to timeless minimalism, the master bedroom boasts a pristine base adorned with loose furnishing in oak timber. Paired with a spick and span environment, the rejuvenating haven exudes utter comfort and peace.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

As ardent lovers of Japanese design, the homeowners wanted a modern spin on it while retaining its signature sense of serenity. Inspired by this brief, the interior designer created an intimate retreat filled with organic textures juxtaposed with clean colours.

Honouring the Japanese philosophy of simplicity (better known as Kanso), every element of this Modern Japanese interior design seeks to exhibit functionality while eliminating anything extraneous. Examples include the door cleverly concealed within the accent wall and the homeowners’ minimal approach to decor.


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