Designer’s Dwelling

Modern luxury interior design is no longer characterized by its ostentatious display of wealth but an understated form of elegance. Earthy colours along with soft touches of art deco imbue the home interior with an opulent yet comforting vibe. Contrasting the dark wood tones, gold accents highlight the open display shelves housing the homeowner’s collection of books and display items. The shelves frame the recessed seating area, drawing attention to the uniquely textured backlit wall. Aside from its aesthetic value, the show-stopping feature wall transforms the living room into an open-reading nook for the homeowners.

One of the most impressive parts of the home interior would be the bathroom interior design of this luxurious abode. The bathroom design is inspired by boutique luxury hotels, with a standing vanity table and clad in matte stone-like tiles.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The interior designer opted for an open-interior plan for this abode. Walls were hacked and replaced with glass doors that allow physical demarcation between communal and private spaces while allowing light to flow through the abode. The wardrobe in the master bedroom is clad in the same dark wood and gold that runs through the living area, ensuring a visual consistency in theme.

The bathroom is where the designer made significant adjustments to layout. A wet and dry bathroom is exceptionally rare in Singapore and more so in a HDB home. The vanity is placed in front of the windows to facilitate more light into this space.


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