Infusing Old-School Retro Vibes In This Industrial Abode

The vintage retro interior may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there is an unconventional charm in this rustic interior design. Cloaked in varying wood textures and shades with warm lights overhead, the open plan living area is bathed in a comforting glow reminiscent of homes in the past. From easily overlooked details like the old-school windows and grills, to the many vintage collectibles displayed artfully beside standing furniture and on open shelves, the interior’s take on the rustic industrial style is distinct but not ostentatious.

What stands out in this industrial themed design is the customised dining table with monochrome Peranakan tiles adorning the table top. Its striking feature draws attention without looking out of place in the home. The open concept kitchen features a peg board with an eclectic mix of items decorating its plain surface.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The homeowner wanted a design that steers away from the cookie-cutter interior. To achieve this, the designer specially curated all the furnishings to ensure cohesiveness with the overall design, despite the myriad of textures and colours. With rustic furniture and vintage collectibles from the homeowner, the interior designer weaved in other interior design elements and materials such as hollow blocks, retro windows to allow the whole concept to flow smoothly.

The quintessential brick wall feature was incorporated into the bedroom, ensuring a sense of continuity in colours and the industrial style. In contrast, the designer lined the bathroom walls with white subway tiles. With an almost monochrome colour scheme, the bathroom is clearly segregated from the rest of the spaces in the home.


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