The World Of Technicolor: Designer’s Eclectic Dwelling

With a splash of contrasting contemporary colours, juxtaposition of eclectic patterns, adorned with metallic touches – this eclectic scandinavian interior design boasts a perfectly curated, vibrant space. Light woody accent further lends a soft, neutral tone to harmoniously blend the disparate styles while adding a cosy oomph to the overall eclectic scandinavian interior design.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

To ensure a cohesive design flow, light woody accents is incorporated to tie in the myriad use of textures and colours.

To demarcate the entrance foyer and the living room space, the interior designer uses a light wood panel partition. The partition also functions as the backing of the floating tv console. Glass is purposefully used as a material of the panel partition to allow the flow of space ,therefore, visually expanding the modestly-sized communal area.


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