Old Meets New

Warm woody tones and black metallic accents form the colour palette of this Scandi Industrial interior design which showcases an atypical Scandinavian abode. The fine balance of industrial elements and scandinavian aesthetics imbues a masculine vibe with a cosy ‘hygge’ oomph. Speckled terrazzo flooring, along with the use of rustic tiles, adds a lasting retro touch, resulting in an eccentric scandi industrial interior design.

Interior Design Thoughts

The homeowner wanted to keep their terrazzo flooring while adopting a minimalist scandinavian theme. Thus, in order for the speckled textured floor to blend in with the overall interior design, dark and earthy tones are adopted from industrial and scandinavian interior respectively. Thus, a scandi industrial interior abode is formed.

A black framed glass partition separates the communal area and the home office to visually expand the space.


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