A Peek Into A Modern Farmhouse Dwelling Tinted With Warm Timber

Caressed by a charming concoction of soft woodgrain textures and sandy beige-white tones, the assemblage of laminated wooden beams, open concept kitchen and quaint mudroom seating forms the essence of the modern farmhouse interior design. Bathed in serene white setting, the rustic wood of varying color tones captures the light-hearted nostalgia of the rural countryside while the subway tiles and marble touch introduce a modern twist of sophistication into the farmhouse interior. The open concept kitchen infuses the home with an organic down-to-earth personality where family and guests can bond. Peppered with quirky vintage decor and personal tokens of memorabilia to break the white-washed monotony, the mix and match of open shelving units and pigeon hole compartments are pulled into various corners of the communal area to bring out the playful rustic character of the modern farmhouse interior. Soft cushions and antique furnitures within the pristine white setting lend a relaxed comforting feeling that elevate the warm inviting mood of the modern farmhouse interior design.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

The iconic hallmarks of an modern farmhouse interior design was incorporated into this home for a family of four – an entryway mudroom feature that protects the indoor living space from dirt and other unwanted pollution, the open concept kitchen that forms the heart of the home and ceiling wooden beams, being the architectural characteristic of countryside homes. Form and function comes together in harmony as the stylish yet pragmatic design features blends seamlessly into various living spaces within this charming modern farmhouse interior design.

One unique feature of this farmhouse dwelling is the entrance doors of each rooms. The traditional swinging composite doors that can be commonly found in olden countryside homes were opted for the children’s bedrooms, with the addition of frosted square windows to retain an element of privacy. Meanwhile, a concealed passageway to the master bedroom next to the mudroom aligns seamlessly with the pristine white background of the modern farmhouse interior design.


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