An Earthy Home With Rustic Botanical Edge In Full Bloom Is A Feast For The Senses

Imbued with a down-to-earth personality, an organic motley of earthy hues, rustic woodgrain and eclectic choice of traditional patterns channels a calm and refreshing modern earthy interior design with a pop of eclectic style that serves a feast for the senses, by embracing vintage rustic and lush greenery elements contrasted against the classic contemporary setting.

Emerald green and ocean pacific blue juxtaposed against organic woodgrain tones and faux concrete rock walls form the main essence of this modern earthy interior design that flaunts a stylish and quintessentially natural appeal. A mesmerizing kaleidoscope of peranakan tiles saturates the core areas to infuse a sense of vintage nostalgia into the modern earthy home interior design. The subtle botanical touches are strategically placed at cosy corners of the home to accentuate the cool refreshing feel that further elevates the tranquil zen oomph. Modern vintage furnishing paired with the smorgasbord of contrasting rustic materials and soothing colors blend harmoniously to establish the finishing touch of this modern earthy interior design.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

One of the key highlights of the home is the usage of eight different types of tiles that the homeowners took a liking to. The interior designer weaved in this myriad of tile selections to piece together a cohesive design that flows throughout the entire home. For instance, the indoor balcony is made of 30 rustic patterns that are framed in cement-like tiles to create a restful respite for the homeowners while the kitchen backsplash in emerald green subway tiles complemented by the woodgrain laminate.

Furthermore, the extra corridor space at the foyer was transformed into an entryway design occupied by a quaint seating bench, shoe cabinets and coat hanging rack. The wall where the mirror with the display cabinets are integrated divides the living room and kitchen interior, resulting in a semi concept layout.


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