4 Essential Tips To Set Up A Productive Home Office

“Tidying the workplace sparks joy in our work, helping us to become more organised and achieve better results.” – Marie Kondo

If your work-from-home space has gradually transformed into a work-from-just-about-every-room-in-your-home space, it may be time to consider properly organising your home office space.While keeping the workplace tidy seems like an obvious starting point to be more productive, most find it the hardest to follow especially when workspaces in the home do not have the structure of the cubicle spaces found in offices. Having a workspace that sparks inspiration for you irrespective of where it is in the home will make working so much more enjoyable.

An inviting and clutter-free space serves many physical and mental benefits, such as keeping stress levels at bay. A home office needs to be designed for working in, yet still retain some of the comforts of home. So, how do you make a room in your home a place of work? Here are four essential tips to help you make your home office a conducive space and source of inspiration.


1. Create A Designated Workspace


Featured Project: The Topiary | Modern Luxury Interior Design | The Interior Lab
Featured Project: Highgate Crescent | Modern Luxury Interior Design | The Interior Lab

One of the most effective ways to attain deep focus when it comes to productivity is by creating a dedicated space solely for work, where is there little to no distractions from your surroundings. Depending on the layout of your room, this is definitely achievable with proper space planning especially if you are going to be sitting at your home office desk for much of the day. Although you may want your home office to be business-like, the space is still a part of your home. Go for office furniture with a warm wood finish that will be functional and not appear out of place in the house.

Featured Project: Skyline Residences | Modern Luxury Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Although having an actual home office is ideal, every home is different and the good news is that there are always different ways to make the best use of your available space. Places that can work nicely are a kitchen counter, the dining room table, or a hallway desk. This Modern Luxury home interior is the perfect demonstration to showcase how it can be done tastefully, coupled with luscious greenery and an abundance of natural light by the bay windows.


2. Add Greenery And Subtle Decor For A More Enjoyable Home Office Setup


Featured Project: 37A Pine Lane | Bohemian Scandinavian Interior Design | The Interior Lab


Featured Project: 394 Tampines Ave 7 | Modern Nordic Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Adding personal knickknacks and greenery will instantly freshen up your space. Ambiance matters, and creating a workspace that is pleasing to our senses can help make tough days at work more enjoyable. Hang art or photographs on the wall, get a comfortable chair with good support and make sure you have additional lighting if necessary. Above all, they can help enhance your overall mood and stimulate your creative juices.


3. Eliminate Unnecessary Distractions


Featured Project: 708 Pasir Ris | Scandinavian Interior Design | The Interior Lab
Featured Project: Ascentia Sky | Modern Classic Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Whether you are a minimalist or modernist, having an organised system in place is essential in maintaining an efficient workflow. The built-in study nook are a great way to save space, as they are more open and in closer proximity to family areas, they are a great way to ensure that family members are maintaining interaction with each other. As shown in this Modern Classic home interior, incorporating open shelves alongside built-in cabinetry is a good way to liven up the space by displaying decorative pieces or memorabilia that speak of your personality. The materials that are chosen will also dictate the overall aesthetic; you may wish to consider using contrasting colours to add points of visual interest.


4. Lighting Is Crucial When Creating A Productive Home Office Setup


Featured Project: 121A Kim Tian Place | Modern Contemporary Interior Design | The Interior Lab
Featured Project: 622A Tampines | Scandinavian Interior Design | The Interior Lab

Depending on how much time you work from home, you can choose a large or small room. We recommend a larger space if you are going to spend more time there, as having too small of a space may feel confining over longer periods of time. Look for a space with a ton of natural light to help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day. It has been proven that natural light in office spaces improves worker satisfaction and productivity. Venetian blinds are commonly used for its function and visual appeal that complements a variety of home interiors. With the use of light and neutral colours, it brightens and help light reflect throughout the room.


No matter what your occupation is, having a conducive home office environment is paramount to getting things done in an efficient manner. Don’t be afraid to experiment around until you have found a spot that fits you and your needs perfectly. Looking for well-designed home office ideas can also give you a burst of inspiration that will help you choose the kind of home office that fits you best.


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