Let us know how we are doing by writing us a review on our services. We will seek for your honest feedback for our improvement. Thank you so much.

From Impressive Consultation Service To High-Quality Workmanship By Dedicated Interior Designer

Consulting Matty from day 1 of my renovation journey has been a bliss. Besides providing professional help, she is always on task with deadlines. The wealth of knowledge she has allows me to rethink some of my choices. As someone who is approachable and dedicated, I am blessed truly to have engaged her as my ID. There is no hard selling nor was there delay when I require post-sales services. My first experience engaging her with my house interior will certainly have me coming back to get hold of her should I require future interior design services. Every guests that step into the house is in awe of the simple yet high-quality workmanship. More importantly, she holds high regards for her clients based on the due respect she gives at all times. Well done, Matty and kudos for the awesome and immaculate job for my abode which now has a new life altogether.

Experienced Knowledgeable And Resourceful Interior Designer With Attention To Detail, Reliable For Honest Design Advices

It has been great working with Matty Tan as my interior designer and project manager. Her experience with materials and design greatly helped to ensure the longevity and practicality of the designs while achieving my style/requests/ideas. She was also very patient with going through my concerns and questions with all the different material/design choices and giving an honest and balanced opinion. Matty also kept us up to date on the progress of the renovation, including the timeline when the appliances and fittings need to be decided/delivered. Her attention to detail and timely follow-ups and updates allow me to quickly resolve any unexpected issues without having to compromise heavily on the design/brief. I was also able to make changes during the renovation without having to keep renegotiating the quote. One area of improvement would be to have a wider range of material/fitting choices for the specific style that I was looking for (without me having to source them myself). All in all, I am very satisfied with the design and renovation result.

Happy And Satisfied Customer Service, Smooth-Sailing Renovation Journey.

I would like to share my experience with my ID Mabel. My husband and I are very happy and satisfied with her service. The first meet up with her was wonderful, and knew that she was the ID we wanted as we could really clicked. She replied to our queries very promptly. She totally understand what design I preferred and therefore, processes and decisions were all done very quickly as she will give us advices. The renovation process was also completed quite smoothly. We totally enjoyed this renovation journey with her, as we gained a new friend along this journey. We will definitely recommend her service to my other friends! 🙂

Patient And Professional Interior Designer With Many Creative Ideas

Our ID Suki was very patient, full of ideas, professional and knows our needs and theme. She responded to any feedback for items and work done by contractor promptly. Contractors engaged by her were very good and professional. We will definitely recommend Suki to our friends and relatives who need renovation advised. We have our dream home. Thanks to TIL and Suki personally.

Eye For For Details And Creative Solutions, Delivers Creativity with Practicality And Aesthetics

My husband Andrew and myself had first worked with Freddy seven years ago for our house and we were totally impressed with his creativity and confidence in designing our dream home. Indeed it was easy to work with Freddy and deadlines were dutifully met. We came back to Freddy once again for our next home. There wasn’t even a second thought for another ID candidate. This time Freddy updated us spontaneously of all the latest interior design work which is a testimonial of his vast experience and due diligence. His proposal was immediately accepted without further hesitation. His eye for details and creative solutions to get things around simply made you feel that nothing is impossible. Above all, what touches us most is his sincerity in undertaking his job. He treated every renovation work like renovating his own house by sharing with us practical tips. We are certain that many of his clients feel the same way too. Thus, if anyone is looking for a dream home, we strongly recommend Freddy as the sole candidate. He is easy going, humorous and ingeniously creative that will totally transform your renovation experience into a breeze with breathtaking moments. The Interior Lab is the only choice if you wish to realise your dream home within any budget indicated. The team led by Freddy truly delivers creativity with practicality yet not compromising aesthetically. We had an easy time with Freddy and sincerely hope you can enjoy such positive experience like us too!

Trustworthy and Patient Interior Designer

Suki was our contact point and by the time project ended we had so much trust in her. I still call her and she guides me for all the issues. Partnership for life I guess

Reliable For Practical Home Design Ideas And Delivers Promised Workmanship

We are very glad to have Yen as our ID for our first home. Throughout the whole renovation process, Yen was very professional and gave practical ideas whenever we were unsure of the home designs. As we have hectic schedules, we entrusted Yen to make the decision on the colour scheme and materials for the renovation and she has made our lives so much easier without having to stress over the renovation process. She was able to deliver what she promised promptly and met our expectations. Thanks Yen and team for making our home a cosy place to live in.

Loving The Finished Look! Positive Overall Experience With The Interior Lab.

Overall experience with TIL had been positive. Though there had been some occasional hiccups, Yen was on top of the entire project. She is extremely resourceful and managed to get our renovations completed in a timely manner. They understood the designs/styles that we like and delivered what they promised. We absolutely love the finished product.

Great And Effective Smooth-Sailing Journey, Quality Workmanship And Coordination.

We had a great experience with The Interior Lab (TIL) from initial consultation to the handover of the entire project. We were assigned Suki Gan as our main interior designer / coordinator to revamp our 4-room resale flat and her sincerity towards the project was felt from beginning all through till the end. Suki was able to help us effectively with space planning – she had many ideas with regard to dealing with the space constraints without compromising on style / design while still being able to accommodate to our lifestyle needs. Overall coordination with the sub-cons were also great where she was able to ensure quality work delivered by them. She was also able to communicate effectively with them & prompt action was always taken when small ad-hoc hiccups (eg: a loose screw / minor paint stains) occur along the way. Rectification was always done within a day or two. The boss of TIL was also very helpful when it came to permit applications & we could feel the entire team’s sense of ownership towards the project. We barely had to go down to assess the site & could entrust everything to the team until completion. Would recommend to fellow couples / families who lead very hectic lifestyles and barely have time to manage home renovation matters.

Good And Practical Advices For Interior Renovation

From the first meeting, Yen is very friendly and has very good ideas about how and where things should be placed. She gave very good and practical advices which we appreciated. During the reno, she made sure things went smoothly despite the short time frame given. Took us shopping to get lights and all other appliances too.

Fully Satisfied, Met Our Expectations And Requirements, Refined Design Concept.

My wife and I are very satisfied with Yen’s ability to meet all our expectations and requirements. During our first consultation, she was able to understand what we wanted for our house even though we didn’t have a very well-defined idea. We could trust her recommendation in selection of materials and design. She is also able to deliver what she promised, promptly. She has a very good after-sales service attitude as well. We are very glad and thankful to have chosen her as our ID.

Impressive Level Of Professionalism And Commitment Under Tight Deadline

“The measure of a man is not how he acts when things go smoothly, but how he acts when he is challenged,” The above Quote aptly described the level of professionalism and commitment demonstrated by Yen and her team, when we were under pressure to move out of our rental premise. Yen was able to manage the tight deadline whilst balancing our varying requests and aspirations. The proposal ensued fulfilled both the practical and aesthetic aspects of our renovation. We must highlight that as we were saddled with work and packing, it was truly assuring to have Yen monitoring the renovation progress, even when she was away on company trip. After meeting various ID companies, we have chosen Yen after a good exchange session in our first meeting. Yen is indeed a gem which is much needed in this industry.

Experienced and Capable Interior Designer Delivers Effective Design Solutions

Yen is a very experienced and capable ID. She was able to grasp the concept we had in mind quickly and delivered a design very much to our liking. During renovation works, she was very efficient and quick to come up with solutions for onsite issues that cropped up unexpectedly. She was also very responsive and prompt to answer any questions we had during the works. It was a pleasure working with her on our reno journey.

Unfazed By Design Challenges, Innovative Solutions Under Budget.

We were renovating an old condo but did not want to hack up everything, so it was not an easy project to pull off as opposed to a new apartment. Thankful that we had engaged TIL and Yen, our ID who is very experienced and has great flare for putting ideas together. She was unfazed by the many challenges of retaining old and incorporating new, and works hard to come up with innovative solutions without making us spend more money. She also selects contractors who are very professional tradesmen in their fields with high great standards. Suki, our project coordinator, takes the demands of handling myriads of details in her stride, and is always responsive and accommodating. Best of all we had a lot of fun and that’s taking a lot of the pain out of renovation. We would recommend Yen and her team.

Professional, Responsible Interior Designer With Creative Quality Workmanship.

We would like to give our most heartfelt thanks to our Interior Designer. From start/scratch to finish, he has been nothing short of being professional, responsible, and honest. Of all the past ID(s) we have met and come across, The Interior Lab has gotten me and my wife’s trust through his extensive knowledge (about almost everything technical relating to a house, no kidding) and creativity. Not only as an ID but also as a trustworthy person and potential good friend as well. We would proudly recommend him to our family & friends and would vouch for him personally for his services and creativity, making our house a masterpiece. Thank you again for everything you did for our house. We really appreciate all the effort you have given us. Side note: The Interior Lab (TiL) uses premium quality materials. The carpenters and electricians are experienced too. You pay for what you get at very reasonable prices. Your house/home is your sanctuary, quality matters. Highly recommended.

Great Appreciation To The Interior Lab For Excellent Renovation Job Done.

My sincere apology to The Interior Lab for taking so long to write my review for your job well done! Lost all my pictures of my home when my laptop crashed sometime back and been flying in and out of town this whole year! I would like to convey my thanks and great appreciation to TIL for your excellent job done on my home. He is not just a great ID but most importantly is he listened and understand our needs and requirement as a customer. He designed and worked within my budget that I have given to him and he oversees the whole renovation process and his patience level is something that I really admired and appreciated! Thank you for being such a great interior designer to work with and thank you and your team of contractors and workers that completed my home with 1st class workmanship. To date almost a year had passed and my boys still mentioned how beautiful our house is. I have also received endless compliments from family and friends on the great finishing and workmanship. Truly appreciated and you guys made me feel so blessed that I have made such right choice in choosing you and your company to renovate our home. Thank you, guys!

Pleasant Renovation Experience, Thanks For Bringing Our Vision To Reality.

Enjoyed a good experience with this Firm. Working with Suki was a pleasant experience. She was highly receptive to our ideas, and helping to bring our vision to reality. Renovation work was fast, and rectifications were performed quickly thanks to Suki’s prompt response and coordination.

Patient And Attention To Our Needs, Fuss-Free Renovation Journey.

Matty has been very patient and attentive to our needs and requests, willing to meet up with us multiple times when we have many queries regarding the renovation of the house. She is also able to note our various requirements (given that we consulted a geomancy master for colour schemes and design matters), and have it incorporated into the plan. Similarly, she addresses our need for more storage areas by putting together many design works that maximise space/storage. During the renovation process, it was fuss free. Matty handled the renovation process from beginning to end, and us being quite busy, did not have to attend to much. Simply put we left it in the hands of Matty and the house turn out fantastic. Not to mention that the entire renovation process (from handing over key to Matty and collection back from her) is only 3 weeks!

A Smooth Renovation Journey And Responsive Interior Designer

Our experience with Yen was a smooth journey. Yen contacted us through email after we had requested for quotations on RenoNation. We made an appointment with her and was impressed by her years of experience and advise given on our first discussion with her. It did not take long before we decided to have Yen work on our home. Through the 2-3 months of planning and renovation, Yen was always responsive and assured that we were kept updated on the progress of the renovation. She understood our requirements and ensured that our needs and wants of the design concept was met. At the same time, she offered us practical solutions when we were unsure of certain ideas and this was achieved through her years of experience in the industry. The workmanship offered on the project was excellent and rectifications were made promptly. We are thoroughly happy with our decision to have worked with Yen and The Interior Lab, as we have a wonderful home to live in now. Would highly recommend Yen and The Interior Lab to our friends for their renovation needs. Thank you Yen! 🙂

Positive Chemistry With Interior Designer

Our first impression of TIL was pretty good especially after a brief interaction with Yen, who eventually became our ID. There was positive vibes and chemistry between us. End result was impressive and satisfying. We received nothing but positive comments from friends and family towards our newly vamped up place we called Home.

Easy To Work With, Constructive Ideas.

Yen was very easy to work with and comes up with constructive ideas on how to improve on the designs and look I want. William is the project coordinator and the renovations could not have achieved the same results without his dedication to delivering good work, patience, attention to details and management of the vendors. I would recommend TIL to the home owners who pay attention to details and quality control.

Great Design Sense And Resourceful, Overall Satisfied Service and Workmanship Quality.

I am an architect myself, and was primarily looking for a project coordinator with design sense, and who has connections with good subcontractors. I’d interviewed over 15 firms, and it was Yen who impressed me the most with her experience, contacts and pricing. Amongst the firms I shortlisted, TIL’s quote was average. I had, however, seen the workmanship of the carpentry and tiling works at their other project sites prior to signing, and was satisfied that the slight premium was commensurate with the quality of work I would receive. While I had a clear idea of what I wanted from the beginning, Yen valued added by providing me with alternative points of view and practical suggestions along the way. Where variations resulted, it was done with a measure of give and take. My renovation is actually relatively simple in terms of absolute work, with minimal built-ins. The trickier part was in the coordination between the various trades – half of which were in TIL’s contract, the other half under me direct. I reckon that Yen would consider me a relatively challenging client, mainly because I am highly particular over certain things like alignment and detail. There were numerous times when I needed things refabricated or repositioned. Wherever it was technically possible to accommodate my requests, however, Yen and her subcontractors were always obliging. Their response and turn around time was also relatively fast. I appreciate their positive attitude, can-do spirit, and the pride that they each have in their work….

Great Material And Color Selections, Response To Hiccups And Issues.

I am looking for different look and feel for my existing house, so during the design phase i left Yen with the design. She is good in matching color and choosing material. During the renovation, her workers are doing their job well without causing any issue to my neighbor and they are very friendly when my parent was there doing site visit. When there are hiccups, Yen able to respond and resolve the issues within a shortest time without causing any delay.

Professional And Quality Workmanship Service

Yen is very professional and gave good renovation advice. Also friendly and easy to work with. I am very happy with the workmanship provided. Thanks Yen.

Everlasting And Cosy Dream Home, Attentive Patient And Dedicated Interior Designer

Uchi Khor of the Interior Lab is patient, listens to your needs, and through careful considerations planned our family dream house, just the way we want it. The theme is modern, simple yet everlasting and cosy. We would like to compliment Uchi for the dedication to her work and the seamless coordination she did with the various parties involved. Delivery was much earlier than expected but there was no compromise of quality and workmanship. It was also well within our budget. Thanks Uchi and TIL for making our dream home come true!

Unique Design And Overall Professional Service Quality

Very professional advice from Yen. The focus was on uniqueness of design. Yen ensures everything is to our satisfaction before signing off the project. The after-sale service was fantastic with multiple follow up to clear outstanding touch up.

Prompt Renovation Job Execution, Design Quality Met Our Expectation!

We would like to thank Yen from TIL for the great service rendered to us. We are newly wed and this is our very first house hence its extremely important to both of us. We are glad that we engaged TIL, Yen for the renovation job. She is prompt and able to work out the quote within our budget. We have just moved in to our “home sweet home” before CNY, all thanks to Yen and team for their swift action on completion. Of course, the quality meets our expectation as well. Thank you once again!

Patient And Tolerable Interior Designer

Calm and tolerable ID which listen to our comments and follow up on defects promptly.

Express My Appreciation To The Interior Lab For Excellent Service

Just wanted to convey my thanks & appreciation to TIL & to Yen personally for a job well done. My home needed some major changes after 21 years of use by us, not only did Yen & her team provide excellent service, it was all within my budget & the material used were of good quality. My dated house is now a beautiful up-to-date home. Thanks guys.

Innovative Design Ideas And Practical Solutions To Renovation Issues

Yen was very innovative in her design and gave very friendly & practical advice & solutions to our layout & renovation issues. She was very responsive to questions &; our minor complaints. We are very pleased with the results and have received a lot of compliments from friends & relatives.

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