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Astute in design, reliability and overall, value for money.

We were looking for an interior designer that was able to create a mid-century, vintage home that is suitable for our growing family. We were glad that we engaged Eric from The Interior Lab, who have created a beautifully designed home which incorporated all our lifestyle needs. When we met Eric Yap from The Interior Lab, he struck us as a direct person who is transparent in terms of his pitching of design and pricing. His meticulous and patient character along with TIL’s good track record eventually became the main factors in us engaging TIL. One of our main concerns was for our existing antique pieces to be able to complement the design of the home whilst not compromising on functionality. Eventually, we agreed with Eric’s vision of a retro eclectic theme. During the design process, we are grateful that Eric could propose design ideas and yet at the same time was flexible and receptive enough to our suggestions. That led to even better solutions, making our meetings more fruitful. We are most grateful that the renovation process went smoothly as scheduled because we needed to move into our new home at a specified period of time. We love our home because aesthetically, the design is pleasing and gives us a sense of comfort each time we come home from a hectic work schedule. The best part about our home is that the design does not compromise the needs of our growing family. We definitely recommend Eric and The Interior…

Responsible & Reliable Interior Design Firm

We wanted something simple and aesthetically pleasing- minimalistic with a touch of scandi. Through Qanvast, I got to know about The Interior Lab. Our assigned interior designer was Suki. Suki truly understood our needs and was patient throughout the design conceptualisation process and that was one of the reasons we chose The Interior Lab. Throughout the whole renovation process, we were constantly updated about the progress especially when we were overseas. Thus, we knew that we were good hands. Overall, we were satisfied with the workmanship and the after-sales service. Even upon completion, the team was willing to come down for minor touch-ups. We will refer to The Interior Lab as a responsible and reliable interior design firm. – Eunice –

Trustworthy and Comfortable Interior Designer to work with

  We first approached our interior designer outside our neighbor’s home where she pops by often during their renovation period. Like most homeowners, we compared between 4-5 interior design firms for our home renovation. The quotations given by the shortlisted firms were competitive, hence comfort level and trustworthiness of the interior designer became our key deciding factor. Her mature and attentive personality stood out from the rest and having seen her frequent presence during our neighbor’s renovation period further added to our confidence that we could count on her to manage & supervise the renovation project for us. We were rushing to move in within a month which we understood was a rather challenging timeline. Much to our delight, our interior designer had coordinated & worked closely with the carpenters & electricians to complete the renovation works slightly ahead of schedule. We would like to thank her for providing professional help, allowing us to have a peace of mind during the entire renovation process. She would proactively update us on the progress of the renovation works via whatsapp with photos, the renovation went well with minimal supervision from us as we knew we could leave in her good hands. Towards the end of the renovation, our interior designer also tended to the minor imperfections raised & ensured prompt resolution. In addition, she was helpful in giving us ideas on home furnishing & decor. We are satisfied with the current home we live in. All thanks to The Interior Lab team!…

Actualise Our Dream Home

After chancing upon The Interior Lab (TIL)’s portfolio, we shortlisted TIL as one of our interior designer firms. Upon meeting Eric Yap, we felt comfortable and confident with him and decided to engage him. We were looking forward to a spacious, decluttered home incorporating marble-like elements. We also wanted the color scheme to be simple yet not too boring. We are glad that Eric took our design consideration into account and actualize our dream home. We were particularly impressed with the unique design of our TV console which we received lots of compliments for. We were on a pretty tight renovation timeline but eventually was able to move in as scheduled, attributing to Eric’s excellent project management skills. Besides, coordinating the renovation works, we also left him in charge of the arrangement of the delivery of various furnishing. We were glad that it was all well-organized. Even though there was a couple of defects, it was promptly resolved. Overall, we were satisfied with the renovation service provided by Eric and TIL and we will like to recommend The Interior Lab is a reliable and trustworthy interior design firm to homeowners looking for quality workmanship and appealing design.

Meticulous, Patient & Approachable Interior Designer

I have definitely enjoyed my renovation journey with Angie Ku from The Interior Lab. Being a first-time homeowner, Angie Ku is able to provide many good guidance and tips on home furnishing on top of her scope. This makes the overall feel of the house well blend and pleasing to the eyes.
Throughout the renovation process, she was detailed, patience and very approachable. Although my mom and I have different requests, she was able to accommodate both of the requests into the interior design theme that was first proposed.
As I have a tight deadline and also busy work schedule, Angie really did a great job working by meticulously coordinating all the different works and contractors. I can really have peace of mind and focus on my work.
I am very satisfied and glad to have her as my interior designer. Highly recommend Angie and The Interior Lab team! – Jie Long-

Dream Interior Design of our home

I worked with Ray Ong from The Interior Lab, to realize the dream interior design of my new home and he did not disappoint. Ray is very attentive and tries his very best to accommodate his to his clients’ needs and wants and he offered practical advice and solutions to make their dream home come true. -Nur Fadilla-

Responsive Interior Designer

We met with a few interior designers but decided to engage Mabel from The Interior Lab as we felt that she gave relevant ideas & suggestions when discussing about the interiors of our home. She was very responsive & would always update us promptly on the process. Our renovation was smooth as issues were rectified fast with the help of Mabel. We are glad to engage her as our ID & would highly recommend Mabel and The Interior Lab to our family & friends! – Jeslynn Poh-

Wondrous Experience with The Interior Lab

It has been a wondrous experience working with Matty from The Interior Lab. You can say that my experience with her is one that will be a memorable journey as I embark to do up my house. The entire process was made fun, interactive and client-oriented. All of my concerns, demands, and queries were met beyond my expectations. Matty will be ever-ready to share her insights and thoughts whenever I come up with any fresh ideas along the think-tank process. The chemistry with my ID is one of the many reasons why the entire project came through successfully. I will never hesitate to recommend TIL to others as I truly believe that such a reliable and trustworthy company ought to be surfaced to potential clients. Thank you, Matty and TIL for giving my home that Midas touch and a place I would be more than happy to call it my cosy abode.   – Faizal Yusoff –

Renovation outcome exceeded our expectations

We would like to thank Angie Ku and The Interior Lab for the best renovation journey we ever had. When we first met Angie, we felt that we had great chemistry and managed to hit it off right from the start. Unlike the other IDs, Angie proposed a customised design idea that truly matched our needs. The layout which she proposed solve the 2 main concerns we have – storage space and privacy of our children’s rooms. Besides her creativity, we were thoroughly impressed by her project management skills. We had only about a month to complete the renovation works which was a really tight timeline. However, we knew that we were in good hands when Angie kept us closely updated about our renovation works especially when we were overseas. We also trusted her taste in home styling and furniture selection. Eventually, all promises were delivered and the final outcome of our home was beyond expectations. Given the quality workmanship and excellent service provided, we would highly recommend Angie and The Interior Lab to design-centric homeowners.   -Karen Seet-

Renovation Works turned out perfectly

We shortlisted a few IDs and in the end decided on The Interior Lab after discussing with Chris Toh. Chris was able to understand our designs and whatever we have requested. We wanted a modern style and brighter colors. We wanted a grey tone to the overall house but kept to blue and green colours for the kids room. We overlayed the tiles in the kitchen area only. The whole house was tiled accordingly and it turned out perfectly well. The carpentry works were also well-crafted. -Sabira-           Why shortlist The Interior Lab as your interior design firm?       1. Well-Accredited Interior Design Firm 
Established since 2013, The Interior Lab has received many accreditations to date: -Case-Trusted Accreditated Interior Designer Singapore (Renovation Works) -HDB-Registered Interior Designer Singapore (Renovation Contractor:HB-05-4684B) -BCA Certified (UEN:201301038R – InteriorDecoration & Finishing Works) – Bizsafe 3 – Gst-Registered Interior Designer Singapore (turnover exceeds $1mil)       2. Partners/ Featured on -Qanvast – SuperTrust Award 2019 -Renonation- Ratings: 4.9/5 -Renopedia-Home by Hitcheed: 5/5 –HomeTrust: 9.2/10       3. Testimonial – Pristine Workmanship, Quality Works at a reasonable price                           

Delightful renovation ride with our reliable interior designer

Our experience with The Interior Lab (TIL) Pte Ltd. was a delightful ride. Ray Ong was assigned to design our new home into a comfortable yet minimal look. Ray managed to accomplish everything we had mentioned and brought up during the meetups. He is very attentive and always replies to our queries and gets back to us in a good time. Ray’s strengths would be his scheduling, flexibility, and especially practicality, if something we want is not practical he would advise accordingly and make recommendations. From the first day of construction to the minor touch-ups and double-checking ensuring we are all happy with the results. In summary, we are truly grateful to have Ray as our project manager. For any families looking for a reliable interior designer, we would highly recommend Ray Ong. -Lina Low-   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER  

Great Interior Design & Excellent (after sales) Service

We decided to engage Eric Yap, from The Interior Lab as we felt that we have a great rapport with him and he was able to understand our concerns and take them into consideration while proposing the design for our 3 Room flat. The main concern we have was space constraint, especially in the master bedroom and kitchen. The previous ID firms which we consulted mentioned that it is tough to fit a huge wardrobe without encroaching into the space of the common room, however, with efficient space-planning, Eric managed to include, a platform bed, a wardrobe, and even a dresser/work desk into the master bedroom. Since we mentioned that the kitchen will be one of the most hardworking spaces of our home, Eric suggested merging the spaces between the service yard and the kitchen so as to create more space for food preparation. As both of us are busy, we trusted Eric with the execution of the renovation works and we were definitely satisfied with the outcome of our home. With great design and excellent service, we would gladly recommend Eric and The Interior Lab to our friends and family who are looking to renovate their homes.   – Victoria & Shawn –

Impressed with the balance between livability and design

We had been searching for an interior design firm for some time but none of the proposed designs appealed. After the meet up with Yen and taking into account the positive reviews from numerous renovation portals, The Interior Lab stood out as the optimal choice for our renovation project. We were particularly impressed with the balance between livability and design. Yen took into account our request for lots of lights and Japanese-inspired use of wood. There was also no delays throughout the renovation process despite the tight schedule that we were on. Within just a time span of 2 months, our resale flat was completely transformed into a comfortable home we look forward to returning to. Thank you, Yen and The Interior Lab! – Belinda & Jeremy –     Why shortlist The Interior Lab as your interior design firm?

  1. Well-Accredited Interior Design Firm 
    Established since 2013, The Interior Lab has received many accreditations to date:

-Case-Trusted Accreditated Interior Designer Singapore (Renovation Works) -HDB-Registered Interior Designer Singapore (Renovation Contractor:HB-05-4684B) -BCA Certified (UEN:201301038R – InteriorDecoration & Finishing Works) – Bizsafe 3 – Gst-Registered Interior Designer Singapore (turnover exceeds $1mil)

  1. Partners/ Featured on

-Qanvast – SuperTrust Award 2019 -Renonation- Ratings: 4.9/5 -Renopedia-Home by Hitcheed: 5/5 –HomeTrust: 9.2/10

  1. Testimonial – Pristine Workmanship, Quality Works at a reasonable price

Efficient, Dedicated and Responsible Interior Designer

Suki, from The Interior Lab, is the first person to approach me after I sent an email to Renopedia. Although I met with other IDs, there were no chemistry connections. Suki successfully meets the criteria of the design that I wanted. She is practical and innovative in giving ideas. She is also efficient, dedicated and responsible for the job. I would recommend Suki to new homeowners or for those who looking for an ID. No doubt, definitely a 5-star service rating *****!   -Khairul Anwar- Why shortlist The Interior Lab as your interior design firm?

  1. Well-Accredited Interior Design Firm 
    Established since 2013, The Interior Lab has received many accreditations to date:

-Case-Trusted Accreditated Interior Designer Singapore (Renovation Works) -HDB-Registered Interior Designer Singapore (Renovation Contractor:HB-05-4684B) -BCA Certified (UEN:201301038R – InteriorDecoration & Finishing Works) – Bizsafe 3 – Gst-Registered Interior Designer Singapore (turnover exceeds $1mil)

  1. Partners/ Featured on

-Qanvast – SuperTrust Award 2019 -Renonation- Ratings: 4.9/5 -Renopedia-Home by Hitcheed: 5/5 –HomeTrust: 9.2/10

  1. Testimonial – Pristine Workmanship, Quality Works at a reasonable price

Great after-sale service and responsive interior designer

We are glad that we took up our son’s recommendation and chose The Interior Lab as our ID. We were looking for a modern yet timeless home infused with woody tones and we are proud to say that the home that we envisioned was brought to life. Both the workmanship and design met our expectations and we are satisfied with the overall aesthetics. What really impressed us was our designer’s, Yen, service. Despite the tight timeline, Yen’s planning ensured that we could move into our home in time. She was also very responsive to our queries throughout the renovation process. Even after the handover, whenever we are in doubt we could still rely on her help or advice. Our renovation journey with Yen and The Interior Lab has been smooth and pleasant. We would highly recommend them for renovation works. – Sim –

Interior Designer has Impeccable Flair for Colour Combination

We got to know about Eric Yap, from The Interior Lab through a recommendation from a friend. Eric has an impeccable flair for colour combination and helped us extensively from design conceptualization to furniture selection. With Eric’s professional help, we were able to transform our old and dated house into a warm and cosy home🏠.  Thank You, Eric and The Interior Lab for the awesome renovation works.❤️👍👍👍   – Jane Wong-

Smooth & Hassle-free Renovation – Experienced and Reliable Interior Designer

I would like to thank Chris Toh for his excellent service in designing and coordinating the renovation work for my BTO house. Chris’s professionalism and dedicated attitude stood out among the few IDs whom I had met up with. He was able to present his plan layout and quotation within the stipulated time. I was impressed by his neat design layout which maximizes every inch of space available for storage ideas. Along the way, I learned a lot from his advice on the feasibility and constructive suggestions of my floor plan and house design. Also, he was prompt and responsive to questions and follow up on any rectification work even after hand over. As a first-time homeowner without any experience in dealing with contractors or knowledge in interior design, I am very pleased that the renovation is overall smooth and hassle-free under the supervision of an experienced and reliable ID. Not only that, the final outcome is closed to 3D drawings and I receive compliments of my new house. I highly recommend Chris and The Interior Lab team. Cheers!    -Eileen Chan –

High Attention to details & workmanship crafted to the highest quality.

We got to know about The Interior Lab through Qanvast. After reading several reviews which recommended Yen, we decided to give her a call and got to meet her on the day itself. During the meet-up, we realized that we had great chemistry, so we decided to engage her. The 3-room resale flat we bought was pretty dated. We wanted to give it a brand new look — something that had a modern industrial vibe where spaces could flow more freely. Throughout the renovation process, Yen was not only responsive but also took lots of initiative in providing different perspectives, which were fresh yet practical. Some of the ideas which we now love were ones we hadn’t even thought of in the first place! We also appreciate the fact that The Interior Lab dedicated high attention to details, and ensured that the workmanship was crafted with the highest quality. Overall, The Interior Lab really exceeded our expectations! We would definitely recommend Yen and The Interior Lab to anyone who’s looking to craft a beautiful home.   – Long Wen –

Dedicated & Responsive Interior Designer

Suki is a very dedicated ID consultant. Responsive service throughout the entire project. Workmanship of renovation was good with no issues after handover. Martin Tay  

Thoughtful, Patient and Professional Interior Designer

Suki has been very professional and patient throughout the entire process. We like her design and her thoughtfulness in functionality and practicality. She is very meticulous and she has helped us solved most of the issues without our intervention. When it comes to issues and problem solving, she is always very patient and we feel that she has our interest at heart. We are extremely pleased with her work and we are now happily staying in this new home which wouldn’t have been possible without her. Thanks, Suki, our awesome interior designer   Lim Chin Hee Love to book an appointment for an non-obligatory consultation? Fill in the form below    

Responsive And Reliable Interior Designer, Classic And Timeless Design

As with all renovations, there are bound to be hiccups, which Suki was very quick to rectify and won’t leave us unattended. Suki is strong as a project manager as well as in the area of material/ colour selection i.e. trendy/ classic/ timeless designs. Although at times there are areas which she may not be very familiar with, she is quick to direct our questions to the right expertise (e.g. for plumbing issue, she will contact plumber for an accurate answer; for carpentry issue, she will get the carpenter to revert asap), so overall any issues are resolved fast and within our expectations. Another plus point is that she won’t ask you to go for unnecessary additions/ alterations so you know that your money is well spent and kept to budget.

Impressive Workmanship And Quality Service

We met up with 5-6 interior designers before we decide to engage Angie.  We were convinced to work with Angie as we were impressed with both her portfolio and her attitude towards work. Throughout the whole renovation process, Angie was responsive to our enquiries and was proactive in providing constant updates about the progress of our renovation works. There were a couple of defects and imperfection but they were also promptly resolved by her. The final result of the renovation work is up to our expectations and we are proud to call it home. It was a pleasant experience working with Angie and The Interior Lab and we would recommend their service to our friends and family.  

Insightful And Creative Ideas For Design Conceptualisation

I would like to highly recommend Chris for the great service he rendered through the course of my HDB project. From the conceptualisation of the design to the execution of the project, Chris has provided me with insightful ideas and prompt responses. He was easy to work with, and is highly approachable when it comes to troubleshooting any minor issues that occurred throughout the project execution. I will highly recommend Chris and his services to my family and friends

Professional and Patient Interior Designer

Throughout the whole renovation process, our interior designer has been very professional and patient in providing guidance and advice. Any hiccups that happened were resolved promptly as well. It was a pleasure working with The Interior Lab team. We would definitely recommend their service.

Genuinely Helpful, Efficient And Easygoing Interior Designer

Mr Chris Toh is sincere and helpful throughout the designing and execution process. He gave us many options to choose for the laminates, quartz etc. He also give his honest opinions during the conceptualisation stage and has great patience. Chris replies messages fast and is a friendly and easy going person. His standard of efficiency and helpfulness remain the same even after the project has been handed over to us!

Attentive, Response and Straightforward Interior Designer

We shortlisted several ID firms including The Interior Lab. We then met up with several designers to discuss our requirements including Jason from TIL at a Qanvast event. We decided to work with Jason for the carpentry work of our house as he was attentive to our needs and was able to work with us to incorporate our ideas into the design of the carpentry work. If some of our ideas would not work,he would explain the constraints and took time to discuss with us the alternatives. Overall, the carpentry work for our house took about 3-4 weeks. Despite a handful of hiccups, work was completed on time and all the problems were resolved under the good hands of Jason. Jason had been responsive to our request even after handover which we are very much appreciative of. Generally, it was a pleasant experience working with Jason from The Interior Lab and we would recommend their service

Comfortable And Sincere Professional Service

I am writing to compliment Chris on his service. I successfully move into my newly renovated home in Aug 2018 with the help of Mr Chris, our interior designer. We engaged Chris sometime in Feb 2018 even before we bought the resale flat. He was very patient and given me and my husband a lot of good advice and ideas for our renovation. It was very comfortable talking to Chris and we don’t feel obliged to engage him at all. His sincerity has touched our hearts and hence we engaged him when I bought my flat. He continued to show patience and sincerity throughout the designing and renovation process. We want to thank Chris for all his hard work and patience given us so as to bring a new pleasant home to me and my family.

Pleasant And Comfortable Interior Designer To Work With

Chris has a pleasant demeanour and is transparent with the quotation. It’s easy to work with TIL.

Timeless, Classic Interior Design. Job Well Done for the Interior Designer

I got to know about Vincent through the Qanvast recommendation. Vincent personally came down to check the apartment and monitor the current home before discussing the details of the renovation that mainly involved space-planning, and material and color selections. I had a growing collection of antique furniture and historical items that took up the majority of the space, and the current residence is based in an old fashioned building in Tiong Bahru, so the challenge was to come up with a unique space concept design for a traditional Asian-style home that accommodates the bulk of furniture and antique items. Even though my requests for the home were specific, Vincent stepped in as the professional to advise against certain design choices and also proposed better-refined concepts that were much more practical than my initial ideas, such as the kind of old-fashioned tiling to be used. The best decision ever made as suggested by Vincent was to bring the balcony indoors which is now my favorite cozy corner of my home. Vincent was resourceful and very helpful in recommending the wide range of material options along with the price difference. He clearly understood the design concept that I put across. I was really busy at work, so I whole-heartedly entrusted this renovation process onto Vincent and The Interior Lab team. Even so, the constant update and communication made me feel included and that assurance in Vincent’s good judgment and honesty helped to take a load off my mind. I wanted a modern…

No Hidden Cost, Straightforward And Honest Interior Design Service

Decided to renovate my parents’ place before the new year. Naturally, looking for designer Yen from TIL was an obvious choice since I had engaged her for my own place 1-2 years ago. What matters most to me is that TIL does not have hidden cost that would creep up unexpectedly during the renovation. The quality of their workmanship (masonry, carpentry work etc) is good value for money. I wouldn’t say that TIL’s prices are the cheapest in the market but I prefer to have a peace of mind when it comes to renovations (considered to be a stressful life event). I would definitely recommend Yen and TIL for renovation works.

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