Let us know how we are doing by writing us a review on our services. We will seek for your honest feedback for our improvement. Thank you so much.

Fast turnaround. Interior Designer has a good balance of Skills

We engaged Suki Gan from The Interior Lab, to work on our Bidadari BTO flat. She has a good balance of project management, technical, and creativity skills. She is also able to sketch out 3D diagrams freehand on the spot, which greatly assist us in visualizing. What we really like about Suki is her speed, her turnaround in answering our random questions, and providing us with daily updates on the reno progress. We also like the fact that she’ll run through us every small little decision, instead of assuming that we wanted it done in a certain way. Whenever there’s a technical issue (e.g. plumbing/electrical/lighting), Suki would contact the relevant parties and let us know the technical professional’s comments in no time. This shows that she has a good rapport and receives good support from the internal/external team. The Interior Lab has a good reliable in-house team that produces high-quality carpentry. The Interior Lab also allocated additional manpower to expedite my reno after the circuit breaker ends, ensuring that my project finished on the date which I requested. Even after handing over to us, whenever we need assistance with something, she’ll still get the relevant party to attend to us in no time, a point which we appreciate. Will definitely look for Suki when we buy our next house!  – Wei Png Ng –   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Renovation Journey of HDB Resale Flat

Our interior designer Jo-Ann from The Interior Lab (TIL) was very professional, able to understand and meet our needs in design and actual execution despite COVID constraints. Regular updates on the renovation process were done promptly. Workmanship and service rendered were good. Renovation charges seem reasonable and clearly stated. The final handover was met as expected despite disruptions during the Apr-May period due to COVID. Overall experience working with TIL and Jo-Ann had been great. – Sherry-   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER

Our Interior Designer, Joanne, gives us Peace of Mind

Peace of mind. Any interior designer (ID) can tell you about colour theory, any ID can tell you about light theory, any ID can do scheduling and project management. However, Joanne was above and beyond that, she gives us peace of mind, which is what every client wants. In addition, she was such a joy to be around with. When we met Joanne, she was honest and upfront about the realities of renovation and did not try to smoke us like other IDs. If you are looking for IDs who will promise you the sky for the price of peanut, you will not find it in Joanne; (because the IDs are probably cutting corners somewhere). She is realistic, practical, and wise with her many years of experience in this line. This was exceptionally evident when we observed the way she interacted with the lighting shops, toilet accessories shops, electricians, aircon people, painters and carpenters when they came to do their works. They interacted with her and each other with such good rapport because of Joanne. Our renovation began a few days before Circuit Breaker and resumed almost immediately the moment it was legal to do so. Joanne took care of all the paperwork, SafeEntry, liaising with MoM, BCA, Contractors, and even our neighbours. When our neighbours would be unreasonable during our renovation and complain to HDB, Joanne would fly down from wherever she was to speak to our neighbours and explain the situation to them. She made us feel special…

A Pleasant Renovation Experience

Overall, a good experience with my interior designer from The Interior Lab, Eugenia. During the first meet-up, Eugenia impressed me with her professionalism, she managed to propose some interior design concept for my home interior with nice illustration, even though I have only shared the floor plan. Most importantly, she’s able to accommodate the interior design theme within my budget. Although I am not rushing to move in and the project was affected by circuit breaker, The Interior Lab did update me on the situation and assured me that they are committed to making arrangements to complete the renovation once the work was allowed to resume. Eugenia managed to coordinate with the contractors and ensure the work was done properly. Although a minor defect was found, she’s able to change and rectify it for me. The outcome met my expectation and it was a pleasant experience to have engaged TIL and Eugenia for the interior design of my new home. – Chan Hok Hean –   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER  

Awesome and Well-Coordinated Renovation

I would like to give thanks to Sophia Yeong, my allocated ID for her effort by ensuring the renovation went smooth sailing. She was responsible, she provide weekly updates of the work and the progression done. Overall, the renovation of work was well-coordinated and awesome! Sophia was quick, able to adapt my change of mind, changes which were readily resolve. Keep up for the passion, Sophia Yeong?? -Wendy-   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER  

All thanks to our interior designer for bringing our modern rustic dream interior to life

Since last year in Oct 2019, my husband and I have been happy and proud owners of a resale 5-room apartment in Simei. It was a pleasure working with Angie Ku from The Interior Lab, an ID firm that was recommended by one of our friends. We had met with a few other designers, but felt that we were most comfortable with her proposed quote and able to connect well with Angie. Angie is honest, funny and full of interesting ideas, and most importantly, receptive, responsive and trustworthy. Her strong relationship with her suppliers and partners puts us at ease with her recommendations and execution throughout the renovation process. With us, Angie worked on a modern rustic theme. We had a basic idea of what we wanted in terms of the look and feel of our ‘forever home’, and Angie was able to take it to the next level with her suggestions and make it a reality for us. Our renovation, which included full hacking works, was quite short. Within two months, we moved in and Angie continued to advise us on furnishing and decor. Now, we are almost a year into staying here and it continues to be our rustic sanctuary. We continue to stay in touch with Angie, who continues to be our go-to person for home design. Photos of our renovated house can be viewed on https://www.theinteriorlab.com.sg/home-interior-design/modern-earthy-interior-design/ -Ruby Tan- BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER  

A pleasant renovation journey despite circuit breaker. All thanks to my interior designer !

Overall, a good experience with my ID from The Interior Lab, Eugenia. During the first meet-up, Eugenia impressed me with her professionalism, she managed to propose some design concept for my home with nice illustration, even though I have only shared the floor plan. Most importantly, she’s able to accommodate the design theme within my budget. Although I am not rushing to move in and the project was affected by circuit breaker, TIL did updated me on the situation and assured me that they are committed to make arrangement to complete the renovation once the work was allowed to resume. Eugenia managed to coordinate with the contractors and ensure the work was done properly. Although minor defect was found, she’s able to change and rectify it for me. The outcome met my expectation and it was a pleasant experience to have engaged TIL and Eugenia for the interior design of my new home. – Chan Hok Hean- BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER  

A dream home come true all thanks to our interior designer!

We have decided to renovate our new unit and took up my sis in law’s recommendation to engage ID Yen from TIL , who had done up the renovation for her, after listened to her positive feedback. We would like to thank Yen for taking her time to active listening to our requirements and raised questions to help us to gain deeper insight on our needs. After clarification, she is willing to give her professional perspectives towards the overall design concept and guided us throughout the duration. We would like to thank her for accompanied us to select the type of materials, lightnings, furniture and fixtures that will best bring out the best for our new home. Despite the final 10% is delayed due to the COVID-19 situation, we are pleased with the quality of the workmanship. Besides knowing a profession, we have come to know a new friend whom we can shared our dream and perspective. Thank you Yen and TIL for making our dream house come true. -DJ-   BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH OUR INTERIOR DESIGNER  

Absolutely in love with our new home interior – all thanks to our dedicated interior designer

We believe that having an interior designer is always more expensive than getting a contractor. There is an abundance of interior designs online that we could have easily copied and pasted to a contractor. However, we came upon Sophia Yeong, from Interior Lab, who changed our mind and we realized how much value having an interior designer could add to our renovation. After some discussions, we realized that the design that we chose was good but we still needed a lot of help in colour coordination and getting every room to fit into the theme. In the design phase, the process was very smooth. Sophia was patient and was good at listening to what we wanted. She was very helpful to not just look into the design that we wanted but she also focused on the functionality of the house. Now that the renovation has been completed, we appreciate how some things were designed to ease our day to day living, yet, not compromise on aesthetics and quality. Our renovation was interrupted by the Covid-19 circuit breaker. As such, when the measures were lifted and renovations could restart, we had to rush the renovation in record time. We were worried that the quality would be compromised in view of limited workers after the circuit breaker. However, Sophia’s quality control was pretty good. On top of that, every imperfection that we highlighted was quickly rectified, and I must say, we really are perfectionists but she managed to sort it out to…

Exceptional renovation journey with our experienced interior designer

We have met Jojo in December 2020 and read a lot of great reviews about her from this site. Hence we requested her to meet at our place to get a rough quote for our renovation requirements. We were on strict Reno Budget (no hacking, majority involved carpentry, lighting, and ceiling) and started off with 12k in our mind. Jojo is quiet experienced and explained clearly that our renovation requirements cannot be made with the 12K Budget. She gave us a detailed breakdown of all the Reno work involved for our requirements and provided us a true picture of other little things which we didn’t anticipate in our Budget. We are fortunate to learn a lot from her experience and impressed with her details which we didn’t see with other IDs. As a first time renovator, we felt she will be a great partner whom we can learn a lot from her and also have a smooth journey with our renovation. The journey with her has been splendid. She has been an outstanding partner where she understood our personality, personal situation, and communication style. This helped us greatly where she adapted to our working dynamics and executed the renovation work. She gave us constant updates of our renovation works and also accommodated last-minute changes. She also gave us contacts where we could get a subsidised cost. At first, we thought her contact’s costs are expensive, however, after shopping around we have realized that We actually got a good deal. We…

Trustworthy and Professional Interior Designer

After meeting 7 different IDs we met Jojo. She was switched on and responsible from the start. She made the process very simple and clear. She took charge of the entire process and was able to give us her excellent recommendations. We were most impressed and relieved to find Jojo. She did our carpentry beautifully and lighting was done to high standards and plumbing work done well.

She was someone who constantly updated us and we never needed to go down to check what was happening. If there were any mistakes she would rectify this without us knowing. We feel so blessed to have Jojo as our ID and know we made a right choice.

Thank you for helping us make our home beautiful and liveable. Highly recommend JoJo and TIL for their high level of quality and service! Bhali Gill Love to book an appointment for a non-obligatory consultation? Fill in the form below    

Piece Of Mind End To End Service

Suki has been a wonderful designer to work with. Not only did she provide us with different mood boards on our first day of discussion after meeting at the Qanvast event, she even works out a ballpark figure for the various designs with our brief in mind. She is meticulous and takes notes on our requirements. She also goes the extra mile by giving suggestions and sharing real-life experiences, which helps us to understand if a certain design which we propose works. During the renovation period, she provided daily updates on the progress which was very helpful as we had been really busy at work. She also recommends colour theme and furniture design which we can purchase to match the theme of the house. When met with a roadblock on renovation issues, she is quick and provides a solution on the fly. The most important virtue to us is, she is very responsible and is always contactable and responsive. We are will definitely and have already recommended her to other friends who are in search of an interior designer (ID).   –  Connie Chae –   Love to book an appointment for a non-obligatory consultation? Fill in the form below    

Thankful for our interior designer for the fun renovation journey

We chanced upon The Interior Lab at one of the events and was glad that we engaged Matty as our ID for our new home. Our renovation is completed on time, in good condition and in our view, good workmanship and quality. Matty has the knowledge and experience and able to give advice on designs that work reliably and meet our needs and wishes. She also has great long term working relationships with her contractors and suppliers; this has proven to be an asset for the team to work smoothly and accommodate to our additional requests during our reno journey. We were satisfied with Matty’s work, and glad that we made a new friend. Every meet up was full of laughter and fun! Thanks Matty for giving us a pleasant and fuss-free reno experience.  – Claris Woon – Love to book an appointment for a non-obligatory consultation? Fill in the form below    

Practical Design, Quality Workmanship & Personalized Service

My primary intent to hire an ID was to take away the stress of doing a renovation that I have faced for my 1st home 13 years ago, e.g. coordinating with different contractors and managing the entire project. Additionally as this is my 2nd home, what I want in terms of design and theme was not as defined as my 1st home, hence needed help in this area. I have gotten quite a number of recommendations through Qanvast and a few other online reno portals and out of all those, have interviewed 7 ID firms and narrowed down to 3. In the end, I have selected TIL because they are able to provide end-to-end services, and Cheryl has shown a lot of sincerity in our interactions, was patient to listen to my ever-changing briefs (since I did not have a clear idea to begin with), and was able to offer practical solutions to real-life challenges, e.g. too little space & too many things, odd-shaped layout, etc. I must admit that I was initially rather skeptical as she looks rather young! Throughout the reno journey, Cheryl was there to take care of things and I was relatively stress-free. “Out of the blue” ideas sent to her in the wee hours of the night/morning were seriously considered, and were either implemented or given a sanity check =P There were a lot of back & forth discussions before we nailed down the final design and as Cheryl has said, I am the one…

Could Not Be More Proud Of Our Lovely Home

We met Angie and Vincent from The Interior Lab through Qanvast. We met 4 other interior designers (ID) before that and they were trying too hard to market their works and what they offered. Angie and Vincent were both on the same page as us. We just showed our home ideas and we clicked instantly! They knew what we wanted and the 3D drawing was so well done and it’s just how our dream home turned out! There was not much fuss throughout the process. All updates were timely done and they also replied to our late night’s texts. Working with Angie and Vincent was a breeze and we couldn’t be more proud of our lovely home all thanks to Angie and Vincent. Athishah   Love to book an appointment for a non-obligatory consultation? Fill in the form below    

My Go-To Interior Designer For 12 years

A jovial and friendly person, Matty has been my go-to interior designer for the past 12 years. She has just completed a major renovation for my new house and my husband and I have nothing but praises to sing of her and her service. We did not bother to get any other quotations from other IDs because we know that she is very trustworthy. We gave her a tight deadline and she handed over the house right on time. Matty was at the work site every day and would send me pictures and video updates frequently. She was so communicative that for the entire 6 weeks of renovation, I only had to visit the work site twice – once for confirming the layout of my built-in cabinets with the carpenter and once for the confirmation of the electric points with the electrician. Because she managed her team of sub-contractors so well, there were no surprises or delays in the work flow. Matty has a wealth of experience to share and has given me invaluable advice on the selection of materials and furnishings. She even accompanied me to buy the appliances and fittings for the house. We are very thankful to Matty, our interior designer, for helping us design a home that is not only attractive looking, but also highly functional, space-efficient and easy to clean!   Janet Chua   Love to book an appointment for a non-obligatory consultation? Fill in the form below    

Recommended for punctuality, quality and responsiveness

David was my assigned interior designer (ID) who is not only friendly and trustworthy but is also genuine and has your best interests at heart. He will do what he can to make sure he meets his client’s expectation and even exceed it if he can. As it was my first time and had no experience at all, I researched and met a few other IDs from other companies. David was the first I met and was also the one I decided to go with for my project. Sometimes, all it takes is just one meeting for you to know who you can rely on. I have also met a few of TIL’s designers and all of them are really helpful and approachable. The TIL team is not merely just a designer but also a friend. The TIL team is family. Nivian Chia   Love to book an appointment for an non-obligatory consultation? Fill in the form below  

Excellent Service and Great Interior Design Ideas

We met up with 6 interior designers introduced from Qanvast and decided to go with Cheryl from The Interior Lab (The Interior Lab). Amongst the interior designers we met, Cheryl is the one who can “click” with us the most, giving us the utmost attention and honest feedback on our intended design. Shes always so cheerful, approachable and sincere in all our discussions. There were moments when we don’t like certain design, she takes it well and in the end gave us something that we love 🙂 She’s very easy-going and she will help us in every way to change her design in order to suit our budget. Initially we were afraid that the house may be too small to fit all 6 of us (with 2 teenagers that require lots of storage space), but with her design, we felt more reassured that there is enough space for all of us and yet still create a common family space for all of us to bond together over meals. She even went beyond her service or job scope to help us shortlist our furniture, curtains, paintings, plants that goes well with the home design. She helps to coordinate and plan the schedule between all the different 3rd party vendors for e.g. curtains, solar film, ziptrack, etc. We don’t even need to be in the house to oversee as she helps to ensure all the jobs are completed. She’s always responsive to our queries even when she’s away for her holiday. She…

Recommend Jason, Chris and The Interior Lab to our friends & family

Jason, our interior designer (id), really impressed us during our first meeting. He stood up from the rest of the ids with his innovative yet functional ideas. He never proposes ideas that simply “look good”. We did meet up with other ids but eventually decided to engage Jason & Chris from The Interior Lab because their design and practical ideas really left us a strong impression. We felt that assured in leaving the renovation to Jason. Throughout the renovation process, Jason & Chris would promptly rectify any minor problems that were highlighted. Even after the renovation, Jason still gives up his personal time on weekends to do furnishing shopping with us to ensure that the furniture flows well with the overall concept of the home. The after-sales service provided by The Interior Lab is worth a mention as any minor issues raised would be resolved within the week. Overall, we are very satisfied with the overall look of the home. The workmanship is excellent! We were glad that we engaged Jason & Chris for the renovation of our first home. They were responsible interior designers that made our first renovation journey smooth and fuss-free. We would highly recommend Jason, Chris, and The Interior Lab to our friends and family. – Joselyn Swathiga –

Practical Advice Given By Interior Designer

We went through 3 interior designers before we decided to engage Shawn Lee from The Interior Lab for our home renovation. As the meetings with Shawn felt the most comfortable, we decided to go ahead. Shawn was able to propose a reasonable budget and give us the most practical advice. What is most important is that he did not over-promise on anything and always seek to propose pragmatic solutions. This gave us assurance as first-time homeowners. We were looking forward to a home interior that is inspired by an industrial loft look, and we did manage to get some key elements down. Shawn coordinated works well, and the changes we requested to make along the way were taken care of as well. Thus, we would like to say that working with Shawn and The Interior Lab was a relatively pleasant process. We would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a responsible interior designer with well-crafted workmanship. – Junice Er –

Meticulous , Patient and Responsible ID

My family engaged Jason and team at TIL for interior design services. We have been very pleased with the experience and the responsiveness of Jason. Jason is a very meticulous and patient as well as responsible ID. He has understood our design requests and has also been very honest about what is realistic and given his professional advice on what will work /will not work. We fully recommend Jason and the TIL team !   – Su Re –

Responsible interior designer with a great attitude (even after-sales)

We chose The Interior Lab for the renovation of our HDB flat on the recommendation of a friend. Suki Gan was appointed as our project manager and we were impressed with her right from the start. She took us through the renovation plan in a very detailed way and came up with some great suggestions – both from a structural and interior design point of view – as we put together the plan for our flat. Once the renovation work began she was on-site much of the time and it was clear she had a great team – from electricians to carpenters and plumbers – who she handled very capably. She was always available to answer questions and tried her best to find the right solution. She was also very patient, enthusiastic and had a can-do spirit. The work was done to a high standard, reflecting the quality of the contractors and materials selected by The Interior Lab. Suki continued to be very responsive, helping us to iron out some minor issues even after the payment had been made and the flat had been handed over to us. Overall my husband and I were very impressed by The Interior Lab and particularly by Suki, who was a joy to work with. Highly recommended!

Recommended for all interior design needs

Matty, our interior designer,  has worked with us on several projects over the past 10 years including the recent project in 2019. She is very creative in her use of colors, patterns, and textures, and we love the results! Matty also has a great network of specialists, so she can pull together large projects as well as small. I would not hesitate in recommending Matty for all interior design needs. – Gary – 

Highly recommend for a fuss-free,hassel-free renovation

We had very different design expectations. I wanted an interior that was brighter and airier while my husband was looking forth to a design that has warmer tones. Most of the interior designers whom we met up did not really understand what we want, yet Yen was able to instantly connect with us and proposed design that marries both style. Yen also propose new ideas to suit the unique layout of our house. It has been truly a smooth ride from the start of our renovation journey to the end.  We could trust Yen to oversee the whole renovation process without us having to worry about anything. For the quality of work and the exceptional service provided, we would highly recommend The Interior Lab to homeowners looking for a fuss-free, hassle-free renovation for your dream home.   – Melanie  –

Resort Dream Come True

We did an extensive search and spoke to at least 10 interior design companies companies before shortlisting to 3 (The Interior Lab being one of them). What made us choose to work with Travis was that he was able to understand the concept/theme that we wanted for our first home. He was very upfront with us on the feedback on our ideas and gave us different options to think about during the process. Given a very short timeline to work with, Travis kept us update regularly through text and pictures of the progress of the renovation that gave us a peace of mind. Despite a couple of hiccups along the way, Travis delivered our dream home with a great service and followup. Thank you, Travis , for making our resort dream come true! – Kevin & Gracie –  

Great Renovation Experience

With the help of Qanvast I ended up meeting up with 4 IDs to see which one could best capture the friendly and modern industrial concept I wanted for my flat while not blowing my budget. From my first interaction with Eric from The Interior Lab (TIL), it was clear he was a professional with experience. Compared to the other IDs I spoke with, he showed the most initiative, gave the most thoughtful recommendations and produced the most detailed proposal. Additionally Eric showed the most care in sticking to my budget compared to the other ID – something that was very important. He was the clear choice to go with after spending the few weeks reviewing the various IDs. My 3-room HDB flat at Toa Payoh was a very old unit that had minimal work done over the years and there was a lot of ways it could be improved. Eric immediately understood the concept I was going for and paid great attention to my concerns and requirements. For example, I would be living with my grandmother so the living space had to be safe and conducive enough for an elderly resident. Eric also showed a great eye for detail and consideration in catering for things I hadn’t properly thought through, like my grandmother’s prayer shrine. I’m glad to say that the whole renovation process went smoothly and was completed on schedule. Eric was very patient and responsive to any questions I had throughout the process. I felt like I…

Meticulous Interior Designer Whom Provides Sound Advice

I wouldn’t have engaged TIL if not for the bathrooms that had to be upgraded under HDB’s HIP. Due to the HIP, pipes in the kitchen had to be replaced which entailed the removal of cabinets. As this left an unsightly state in the kitchen, my parents decided to renovate it. At the recommendation and endorsement from my network, I was introduced to Jason Boo from The Interior Lab. Kudos to him for his meticulous and close attention to detail during the renovation journey. Additional works were included to replace the current flooring with new vinyl strips. I learned a lot during this renovation journey with Jason. I appreciate his thoughtful reminders whenever my ‘wants’ didn’t match the ‘needs’. And this is what clients or homemakers should look out for, an ID who will offer sound advice along the renovation journey. If an ID okays to your whims and fancies, please terminate the relationship with them. Even though the final tab was higher than the initial quotation, the investment was worthwhile. My parents are quietly happy. I am pleased with the final result. Thank you, Jason. Thank you, TIL. – Jason-

Fuss-Free Renovation Journey

I was referred to The Interior Lab by a friend. When I first got the key, I was greeted by an old and very dated place that has not been renovated since the 1990s.  That was also where I first met my interior designer, Suki, she was able to understand my vision for my home and was willing to work within my budget thus, I decided to engage her for my home renovation. The renovation project was well managed by Suki. In the midst of the renovation, I trusted Suki with the progress of the renovation and went on a holiday. The outcome of the home was what I have envisioned, there is a modern yet classic touch to the interiors. Thanks to Suki and The Interior Lab the whole renovation was fuss-free! I would highly recommend Suki and The Interior Lab as they are professional, pay high attention to details and really delivered in terms of quality. -Grace-

Renovation Journey: Stress-Free, Smooth, Well-Coordinated

My husband and I would like to thank and compliment our interior designer, Angie Ku, for turning our humble 3 room flat into a sanctuary of beauty and functionality. Throughout the weeks of discussions, conceptualisation, material selection to the actual renovation works, Angie has been outstandingly professional and attentive to every single detail. We are very satisfied with the fine workmanship of the renovation and carpentry works. Indeed the whole renovation experience has been smooth, well-coordinated and relatively stress-free for us. We’ll certainly highly recommend both Angie as well as TIL to any friend or relative.       Contact Us

Astute in design, reliability and overall, value for money.

We were looking for an interior designer that was able to create a mid-century, vintage home that is suitable for our growing family. We were glad that we engaged Eric from The Interior Lab, who have created a beautifully designed home which incorporated all our lifestyle needs. When we met Eric Yap from The Interior Lab, he struck us as a direct person who is transparent in terms of his pitching of design and pricing. His meticulous and patient character along with TIL’s good track record eventually became the main factors in us engaging TIL. One of our main concerns was for our existing antique pieces to be able to complement the design of the home whilst not compromising on functionality. Eventually, we agreed with Eric’s vision of a retro eclectic theme. During the design process, we are grateful that Eric could propose design ideas and yet at the same time was flexible and receptive enough to our suggestions. That led to even better solutions, making our meetings more fruitful. We are most grateful that the renovation process went smoothly as scheduled because we needed to move into our new home at a specified period of time. We love our home because aesthetically, the design is pleasing and gives us a sense of comfort each time we come home from a hectic work schedule. The best part about our home is that the design does not compromise the needs of our growing family. We definitely recommend Eric and The Interior…

Best Interior Designers Singapore
Best Interior Designers Singapore