Recommend Jason, Chris and The Interior Lab to our friends & family

Jason, our interior designer (id), really impressed us during our first meeting. He stood up from the rest of the ids with his innovative yet functional ideas. He never proposes ideas that simply “look good”. We did meet up with other ids but eventually decided to engage Jason & Chris from The Interior Lab because their design and practical ideas really left us a strong impression. We felt that assured in leaving the renovation to Jason.

Throughout the renovation process, Jason & Chris would promptly rectify any minor problems that were highlighted. Even after the renovation, Jason still gives up his personal time on weekends to do furnishing shopping with us to ensure that the furniture flows well with the overall concept of the home. The after-sales service provided by The Interior Lab is worth a mention as any minor issues raised would be resolved within the week.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the overall look of the home. The workmanship is excellent! We were glad that we engaged Jason & Chris for the renovation of our first home. They were responsible interior designers that made our first renovation journey smooth and fuss-free. We would highly recommend Jason, Chris, and The Interior Lab to our friends and family.

– Joselyn Swathiga –



Best Interior Designers Singapore
Best Interior Designers Singapore