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BCA General Buidler - The Interior Lab
The Interior Lab CaseTrust Certificate
  • The company allowed to carry out all types of building works in connection with any structure, being built or to be built, for the support, shelter, and enclosure of persons, animals, chattels, or movable property of any kind. i.e.
  • Construction of multi-story carparks.
  • Construction buildings for parks and playgrounds.
  • Construction of other recreational works, industrial plants, and utility plants. Scope of work includes the addition.
  • Addition and alteration (A&A) work on buildings involving structural changes and installation of roofs.
  • The company has met minimum paid-up capital requirements by BCA.
  • The company has met minimum net worth requirements by BCA.
  • The company has met project track records requirements by BCA.
  • Technical Personnel/ Director have a degree in Architecture/Civil/Structural Engineering recognized by Professional Engineers Board (PEB), Board of Architects (BOA), or Building Construction Authority (BCA).
  • Technical Personnel/ Director have completed Basic Concept in Construction Productivity Enhancement (BCCPE).
  • A CaseTrust accreditated interior design firm is certified as an established business that upholds good sales practices and standards.
  • It is acquired by interior design firms with properly trained interior designers who only practice ethical sales tactics and are able to provide accurate and professional information with regards to home renovation
  • Articulate and document policies of fee and fee refund while fully disclosing them to clients (Transparent pricing)
  • Proper dispute resolution and mechanism for both business and clients which includes mediation by the CASE mediation centre
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