Light-Filled Nordic Scandinavian Abode Where Form Meets Functionality

Swathed in a pool of subdued muted palette, this light-filled modern home personifies the ideals of a nordic scandi interior design. Vanilla white, cloudy grey and light wood tones form the foundation of this nordic scandi interior design. This nordic scandi dwelling is layered with various complementary accent colours to evoke a light and airy yet vibrant atmosphere. To enhance the cosiness of this scandi nordic interior design, relevant home furnishings and accessories such as botanical houseplants and artistic statement pieces were incorporated at different corners that partially reflects the sunny tropical personality of Singapore while distinguishing this home from the usual nordic themed homes. Creating cosy corners is a key hallmark of a Scandinavian interior design that is sensibly weaved into this nordic scandi interior design. A customised build-in dining settee forms the heart of the home that is ideal for a simple family meal and extra seating space for larger gatherings. The quirky beanbag corner adds to the finishing hygge factor of this nordic scandi interior design. Stylish storage features were pulled into different parts of the home to create a clean and functional living environment.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

A cool toned color palette was requested by the homeowner to create a light and airy mood, so the interior designer proposed a nordic scandi interior design that accommodates to their lifestyle patterns.

As the homeowner’s often host their friends and family for gathering, our interior designer hacked off the existing walls and extended the communal area into the indoor balcony where natural light pours into the living spaces. The open communal space makes it easier for interaction, with the extra indoor balcony space that doubles as a chill out corner for the homeowners and guests. By shifting the wall further, the kitchen was expanded to allow better cooking preparation space. In order to form a sustainable uncluttered living environment, various full-height storage features were incorporated into the nordic scandi interior design, such as the display storage cabinet where expensive branded items are stored.


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