Eclectic Sanctuary

An eclectic interior may seem like an unintentional cohesive blend of varied textures and colours. Contrary to popular belief, an eclectic interior requires thoughtful planning of a neutral color palette to naturally weave in the plethora of elements. In this condo interior design, a dark wood tone seamlessly marries the disparate home accessories and furnishings. Warm lights brighten spaces where natural light may be sparse, creating a cosy vibe in this apartment.

From dark wood to emerald mosaic tiles lining the shower walls, the bathroom is fashioned to resemble those in posh hotels and resorts, coaxing a relaxing vacation vibe into the space.

Interior Designer's Thoughts

Coveting an eclectic interior design for this home interior was not an easy feat. Unlike most penthouse condo interior design which opts for a more opulent vibe, the design brief of this penthouse unit was to create a condo interior design that imbues its own personal charm. The communal area is thus adorned with a myriad of lighting fixtures and furnishing that the homeowners have collected. Transiting to the personal spaces of this condo interior design, the interior designer tapped on full height windows to bring about natural light into the dark-theme interior. The roof-top garden and bathroom are designed to create an inviting resort-like ambiance.


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