Hitting The Peak Of Modern Contemporary-Luxe – Modern Contemporary Interior Design

The crème de la crème of classy modern living is orchestrated with the medley of rich ivory-white colors, opulent gold accents and stylish yet functional design features in this modern contemporary interior design.

The mellow woody elements and beige-white tones contrasted against the elaborate marble-veined streaks evokes a soothing balmy mood that is reminiscent of the romantic Mediterranean influence. This condo interior design embraces the seamless blend of simple yet quality materials and light-hearted warm color scheme that captures the effortlessly neat and decluttered modern contemporary look. The accordion glass partition with beige-grey panels allows the natural light to grace all corners of the communal area without disrupting the visual flow of the home design, achieving the feel of quiet comfort and subtle modern elegance.

The intricately designed bedhead feature and vanity counter saturated with a golden umber hue creates a visual impact that contours the surface of the bedroom interior. The moving blind mechanism allows the homeowners to adjust the volume of natural light to enjoy varying degrees of lighting ambience in the living space.

Interior Designer’s Thoughts

Concealed storage compartments were incorporated along with platform seating feature in the guest room to cater to the storage needs of the homeowner and provide sufficient space for guests, including the three-tier display stands attached to the wall. The prominent storage cabinet design attached with a seating bench lines the lengthy narrow corridor of the foyer design that leads to the kitchen. Cultural Egyptian decor and other travel mementos that occasionally adorns the living space adds a nice personal finishing touch to the home interior.


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